Roll on the 8

I went to watch The Golden Compass yesterday... Now, I am not going to make any relevance to religious issues, or even to the books for that matter, but to give my opinion on it as a film, well.... it was pretty bad. For one thing, the story isn't interesting, you don't really want to know what happens next. This is basically because it looks like they tried to cram in a lot of story into 2 hours, so everything moves really fast. You have new charatcers coming in every 15 minutes and you never get any insight into any of them at all. Except for one that is, the girl, and you know what? She's a brat. I mean it, watch it and tell one thing about her that's likeable, cause all she did was bug my ass. The one thing i liked about the story was the idea of the demons (however he spells it), that was interesting, but nowhere near enough to save the film. My first film critique, woo!

After the film I went out to eat with Claire, Osama, Carol, Frenchie, Sarah and Daniel. Was my first time eating Indian, and I really liked it. Big thanks to Osama and Carol for organizing it, even though i know you didn't get the turnout that you wanted. Oh and props to Claire for her parking skillz ;P

I've recently joined facebook.... which goes to say i've been pillaged by a bunch of insane applications.... d'oh!

Happy New Year's to everyone!! Here's my last sentiment from 2007:


Is that the time?

Ever had one of those days where it just feels like everything is messed up? Yeah.... I'm a little sick at the moment, which isn't that bad, except for when i go to bed - my sinuses, nose and mouth become clogged with a river of mucus which leaves me unable to breathe, and more importantly, unable to sleep.... for two and a half hours... hurr.... now i'm woken up this morning by my mom, the weather looks like it died and they're still going on with construction next door.... hurr....

Ah yeah, Christmas right... well i did enjoy myself this year, presents weren't too shabby, spent the whole day at my uncle's farmhouse in Dingli and then went out with the others in the evening. Not a bad day overall :)

Ok at this point in time the blog is going to go into a long rant about my life, if you can't be bothered to read about one guy moaning about how indecisive he is, skip down to the last paragraph, do ya kennit?

Went over to Simon's yesterday to watch the pixar shorts dvd and ratatouille (i think i spelt that right...). Had a good time, sim you always manage to make me not work in the best of ways :P During this visit i got all blah about what i want to do with my life (yes, again). My previous resolution still stands but i saw some insight into what exactly is attracting me away from medicine - imagination. Thing is, medicine is great, but there's not exactly a lot of room for self expression (nor do i think there really should be, the images i get in my head when i try to think about it are just plain wrong), and this is the one thing that i've always had and i've always been rather good at. The things i have loved all my life - art, books, films, games, they all have one thing in common, and thats a story, a plot, or at least a way to imagine and explore something... to make something thats just in your head real.

I used to be able to incorporate that a little into science cause i was able to picture all the information and structures they used to give us (yeah i know it sounds like i'm entering the geek zone, but it's true and it used to work)... but
with medicine i'm coming more and more to realise that it's not about creating, but usually more about analysing... and those who know me would probably say i suck at that... i don't really know, this is just what i think, but it seems to clarify this feeling i've always had... A lot of people have tried to help me out by suggesting that i merge the two - medicine and art - but i really have no inclination to do so, it's just that medicine does not interest me in that context.

The reason i chose medicine is cause it enabled me to give something, to help people with what i do. When i was younger all i was concerned
about was not having a mundane and useless job. I just assumed that i would like medicine cause i liked biology and i have no problems with blood or internal organs (well, except eating them.... people do that....). And now, well i wouldn't say i hate it, but i don't exactly have a passion for it either. I know that we don't taste anything about what real medicine is until next year, which is the main reason why i'm still where i am, but still the idea gets at me. This isn't something i can slug through for a couple of years, this is potentially the rest of my life.

With art/writing/whatever it's kind of the oth
er way around. It's something that i love doing, and something that i think i'd really be good at, but i don't really know exactly what it is i want to do (though i think i'd get a good idea if i took the plunge and went for it). More importantly i don't know what i'd be able to give to others with it. I don't know if i need this factor in an occupation or not, but i'd like to think i'd be giving something to people by what i do, and i don't really know what that would be in this case.... hurrr.... if you are reading this, congradulations, you are a dedicated reader, you earn a star.

Bah, more reflections to come in future, in the meantime i really should do some work... getting really bad now..... if i don't update again, which is likely, HAPPY NEW YEARS!!! (though on the actual night it'll probably sound like HAAAEEEYYYY NUUU NAAAAAARRRRSSHHHH from most of you :P).

One last note, got bored last week and decided to use my graphics tablet a bit, nothing special, just a straight sketch. Used just pencil and the 'undo' function XD


Tis the season

Hey, not much has been going on recently so i haven't bothered updating...

Well except for the fact that i gots me a PS3 for christmas... and assassin's creed... it really is just as lovely as you would expect :P

Going out tonight for once in... i can't be bothered to remember. Looking forward to it, i'm in the mood for a few drinks and some good company hehe. I'm posting two songs down here that mike's drummed into my head, really really good stuff, inspires me to getting down to work, if you catch my drift...

Have a very merry Christmas :)


I eats all the flowers

Yeah, long time no blog, i know. Story of my life :P

Well one major thing happened since my last blog, which is that my long time girlfriend and I broke up. Not gonna talk about it, just wanted to put it out there... yeah... What I will mention is how weird it feels to be single again after all this time. The only real effect it's had so far is a binge on avatar (which i have now finished, dammit. When is episode 12 coming out??!) and cravings for a ps3. In short, I am 12 years old again... But seriously, it takes some getting used to. Though it showed me that i have very good friends, love you guys :)

Been very busy lately, what with the healing service and all, went really really well though, praise God, so it was worth it. I've got what basically looks like a free week this week, and i'm using it to catch up on work. Yeah, things aren't being very interesting for me at the moment...

Just one thing i wanted to mention, Anabelle got me "United: All of the Above", i still need to pick it up, but it sounds like a fantastic album (me thinks). Atop this here blog is the link to the album fansite, check it out and launch the ecard. Besides the songs you can see some videos about the album, the tour and the I Heart Revolution. It really captures the feeling of a revival that i've personally been longing for, both within myself and as a group. I'm not sure if you can get what I'm saying, it's a bit fuzzy in my head too, but let's say i'm going deeper into finding my own identity. I'll leave it at that :)

Oh, and of course, there's this...


I kill you!!

Hey guys, thanks for all the comments on the last blog. I've pretty much settled down now. After much talk and thinking i'm not going to make any rash decisions. I definately want to at least get to 3rd year and get some clinical experience. Anyway, i've been having ups and downs since this time last year and so far i'm still here. Whatever happens, it'll be alright. Thanks guys for your support though! :)

Weekend was pretty good, spent most of saturday hanging out with my dad. Saturday evening went to have a drink at Henry J Bean's with Dez, Sim, Angie and Sarah. Even though we were a few i really enjoyed myself, thanks guys for the fun :D. Sunday evening went to Dez's house to watch the outreach dvd. Congrats Sim, very good, even if i do laugh at my own jokes (LOSER!!).

I've become addicted to Avatar. Now when i first heard of this thing i thought it was stupid (it is, after all, a nick cartoon). But now that i've gotten into it, i feel like a kid again. It's great.

One last note, for those of you that haven't seen this yet:


Ah choices...

I read a few of my older blogs today, i can't believe that almost a year has passed since i set up this page... granted i spent half that time completely neglecting it, but you get the point. I really think i should start writing things of substance again...

Well, had a pretty good day at uni, i was in a good mood and lectures were ok. Had a rather bad existential crisis (as chris calls it) yesterday. During one of my lectures i was seriously comtemplating dropping out of medicine and doing graphic art instead. It really unnerved me, i came to think that maybe i'm staying in this course cause it's secure, kind of now once i'm in it, it's easy to just follow it through. Thing is i don't really know why or if i want to become a doctor. It's not something i've always wanted and my major reasons for going in for it were that i was good at my subjects and i wanted to help people. Thing is this job is a vocation, which means long hours and a lot of sacrifice, and if you don't like what you're doing then you definately wont last long. Yes there is the money, but that only comes in at a much later date if you manage to get a good speciality, and being able to, say, spend more time with my family (God willing) or advancing in music/worship is more important to me than loads of dough.

Art is something i've always loved. When i was young i was a good artist (for a 4 year old at least) and i loved stories. I'd spend ages watching and re-watching my collection of classic disney stories and things. I dunno, i identify with the arts, so a career in something art-related and self expressive sounds ideal. In any case, i mentioned what was going through my mind to Dan and he and Colin took me to the canteen to have a chat about careers and stuff. I really want to thank you guys, though i know you probably don't read this, but anyway. In any case i've kind of settled for now, i dont want to make any rash decisions, plus what i'm studying now does not in any way reflect the medical profession, this is just the compulsory rubbish. I'll wait at least until next year when i get some clinical experience to take my decision further. In the meantime i'm considering doing art A level next year, even if i don't go into graphics, having a qualification in something i love would be nice, and it might come in handy later on.

Wow, this is longer than i expected hehe. I'm procrastinating on studying if you haven't noticed, man i find head and neck complicated....

Got some other stuff on my mind, but i'll talk about that later on in the week *air of mystery*.

Damn i want a ps3....


I Dared

Been a while since my past blog, but i was mega busy last week, literally had one thing to do after another all week, most of this in preparation for the youth weekend:

It was a brilliant success, I really feel the group went much much deeper, and we all had a fantastic time while we were at it. I want to especially thank Dez and Sim for their help in setting up the backdrop, some of it was my idea but it would definately not have happened if it weren't for you two. Thanks for putting up with me :)

Because of all this mayhem (well partly bacause of it) i am quite severely behind in my studies, so, community permitting, i now need to go on a serious study binge. I took the day off and stayed at home today, figuring getting some rest and starting on some studying was better than going to a couple of lectures i'm not gonna take anything from anyway... This being said we have the Senglea healing service coming up in 2 weeks.... which means more work... meh, if God will bring you to it, He'll bring you through it.

ps. Assassin's creed comes out today ZOMG!?!


Silver linings

Been really busy lately, youth weekend coming up soon and it's taking up quite a lot of my time, between band rehearsals and getting organised for the backdrop (btw thanks dezzy for all your help and patience! Hopefully everything will work out well). That said, i'm really looking forward to it, i've got high hopes and higher expectations. We'll just have to wait and see...

Got loads of work piling up, looks like my christmas isn't going to be much fun at all, on top of that i've still got the 2 projects to get done... lovely. On the bright side, looks like the government has decided to raise our pay and offer us a postgrad course. This means i might not need to go abroad after all. Things are finally looking up :)

Got my cousin's halloween get-together tonight... more things on my agenda...


Ze infected

If you've noticed the time of this blog, I should be in an anatomy lecture. I am not in an anatomy lecture because I'm at home and I'm sick. woo! It looks like a small strain of influenza, hopefully it'll blow over by tomorrow...

Spent most of my time yesterday just... well you ever get those days where you want to do a lot of work but you end up just wasting time watching stuff on tv that you don't even like or looking up stupid things on the net? Just me? Well i had one of those days. I did go to Uni in the morning though. Now, i had a sore throat, so i went out with a scarf... bear in mind that yesterday it was 23 degrees outside. When almost everyone's running around in t shirts (and a select few in shorts too) and you're with a zipped up sweater and a scarf, you get a few weird looks. It was boiling though, i mean it was colder inside the house than it was outside.

Anyways, i just wanted to share this video. Mark, this is for you.

You might notice the video section on the right. I'll see how it goes, maybe i'll keep it, maybe not. Just thought it might be a cool addition. Thoughts are welcome.


If only the former met the latter...

I just want to point out two things I came across on the internet today...

Those of you who are hardcore 300 fans (this means you mike) should be interested in this. Yeah, I downloaded it.

While I was looking at some movie trailers I found something, get a load of this:

You can watch the actual trailer here... there is no hope...


Here we go again

Well, well, well, here we are again. Yes I know i had said I would start blogging regularly again and yes I know I never actually got down to doing it. I've been busy (relatively)....
(kudos to mark for the picture).

Anyways, 2nd year. Right. After the surprise that I actually did pass my first year annuals and the fact that I did not study during the summer as I intended to do, for now the course is looking ok... The topics look pretty interesting (well, except for biochem obviously), but, that said, I haven't actually gotten down to studying much at all. Had a whole mix up with my physio project title, wasted a lot of time reading up articles when I decided to change my title at the last minute. I'm doing it on OCD now (obsessive-compulsive disorder), if anyone's got any handy resources, you're very welcome ;)

I'd like to add that it looks like MMSA (Malta Medical Students' Association) have linked to this page, along with some others (ally, mark and chris included). This might make this little blog a little bit more interesting (publicity, woo!!). In either case, it seems they're watching us....

Marana Tha' youth weekend coming up in a couple of weeks. I'm really looking forward to it, I think it's gonna be something really special. That said I've got quite a bit of work left to go into it, what with rehearsals and all. Meh.

Anyways, I'm off to try and decipher some neuroscience. I love this weather, been looking forward to winter for over a month now, but it's making me just want to sleep... More blogs should be coming up... hurrr

Ps. Check out the video on Simon's blog (dated today). I mean it.


On Science

I'm pretty busy this summer, well as is usual for summer for me, so i won't be posting any blogs of particular substance. I'll drop in little updates like this just to keep the blog going...

Kudos to Ian and Matt from Three Panel Soul. I love these guys.


Et tu, Brute?

I'm back.

Sea of Orange

Ahhhhh, exams finally OVER!! woo!!

Had anatomy practical yesterday, went pretty well, rather pleased with it. Spent most of the day at the beach at ghajn tufffieha, chilling out, watching the sun set, and then going to grab a pizza. Very plain and relaxed evening, it was all i wanted.

Mark's bbq tonight, i just want to enjoy not having to study anything for the present. Bring on the summer! :D

ps. these films look rather cool. Check out ze trailers, optimus prime is sexeh!


Anatomy of Life

The door's open and it's cold out... brr....

Hurr studying is boooorrrring hurr. Really tired of reading this crap, i means it.

Had a pretty good night last night (thanks Mig, i know we stayed a wee bit late). Staying in just about all day to study, as i will be till wednesday.... eventful innit...

Oh and sas, i'm watching you, you 'ear me?! I'm onto you and yar sneaky ways :P


Return of the fuzz

Mah, I blog, I blog!

I see my presence has been sorely missed. I can make excuses for the reason i have not given tidings, but i think the truth is the best option. I am damn lazy. I've had many chances to blog. I never bothered. There you have it.

So what have i been doing over the past month or so? I have largely gone into social reclusion (as i believe i mentioned in one of my last blogs), at home, trying to cram a year's worth of knowledge into my brain. Tuesday i had my physiology paper and today i had biochem. Overall i think, i think i might have actually passed! Woo! This just leaves anatomy next wednesday and the wednesday after that... after which it's sweet sweet summer..... ahhhhh i cannot begin to tell you how much i've been dreaming of that these few weeks locked inside reading books and notes for 8 hours a day.... not fun. I've resolved to go swimming on the 13th (last day). Mig finishes his then too so we're all heading to the beach...... Ahhh SUMMER!! (well for a week or so, after which i slowly start studying again but aaaaanyway...).

Ah yes, had ma birthday last month for those of ye who care to know. My last year as a teen... the thought is very scary indeed... thanks for those of you who made it a little more special hehe i didnt expect the card, especially during the film (you know who you are). And thanks Lu for a great night ;) This year i got some really cool presents for once though. Got me new really good cd's and final fantasy 12 and metal gear digital graphic novel. I know i'm geeking out here but most of you have been hearing me rant on about how much i've been wanting those. Thanks dad hehe.

What else, what else, what else.... not much really. I'm reading the Sword and the Scimitar, brilliant book, i recommend muchly. Oh and apparantly black + emo + eric from that 70's show = spiderman 3....

Last things of note, assassin's creed and team fortress 2, brilliant.


Yeah, I'm lazy

Sarah said...
Sim ... I know I am not the most frequent blogger ever, but honestly... I think Matthew has past even me now. What do you think we should do about it... it's getting serious now.
3:24 PM
Chris said...
I say we phone him and shout at him until he blogs.
1:23 AM
Dezz said...
I say we camp outside his house till he blogs up...any better ideas?? ;)Dezz =)
3:16 AM
Allan said...
I say we catch his chest hair on fire.
1:18 PM
Chris said...
Are you mad, man? Setting Urpani's chest hair on fire could very well combust all of Malta.
4:02 PM
Marquita said...
Matthew is an MD student with NOTHING to blog right now...take my word for it... ;) Then again, if you camp outside his house and use his chest hair as camp fire fuel, I think that MIGHT just give Matt something to blog about. =/
8:41 PM
Chris said...
Psh, I'm an MD student with nothing to blog about right now either. And there's always something to blog about.Stuck inside studying? Blog about how crap the exams are!
11:34 PM
Simon said...
i say we camp outside his house, and catch his chest on fire, although there is something missing...his car...we gotta do something to his car...i say we get dezz to paint pretty flowers on it
5:32 PM
Sarah said...
I agree... let's do it!! :) OK so now the question is when and how. We have to make sure we keep it all secret so try not to do anything which will make it public like put it on the net or something... Plans people plans... and we can go ahead with it! :)
6:56 PM
Chris said...
We do it when he finishes exams!Then we demand a full recap of what he's done in the past 4 months or his beautiful car gets covered in glue and his chest hair (which we'd shaved off the day before).
7:19 PM
MD said...
Erm...plan 1...don't blog your ideas maybe ... ;)
12:16 PM
Chris said...
He doesn't read this, that's the point.

Yeah, I have lovely friends.... Will blog either later in the day or tomorrow, promise. In the meantime must study for biochem tomorrow. Wahhh!



Bugger and rain and lies and trickery and deceit!! DECEIT!! Hello.

Bah, this blog is largely going to be a big rant, i'm in a ranting mood. The weather today is awful, really horrible, i dont know why this vexes me so much, but it's as if it does it to spite me. Meh. Woke up at 6 30 today (yep, one of those days) to go for one lecture at 8... lasted half an hour... was it worth it? Probably not, but i figured if i stayed in i probably wouldnt do anything more productive with my time. Right now i'm staaarving, will go eat in a mo. Sposed to study all afternoon, then got a football game tonight with the guys at Valletta (sport!! *gasp and horror*!!). Should be fun, if only the weather would clear up....meh....

Today i woke up with a recurring feeling i seem to be having this week: that something is terribly wrong with the world, but you cant put your finger on it. Of course, logically, sane people come to the conclusion that the answer lies within themselves (the others get taken away before they declare war on the local supermarket). What this 'wrongness' is i do not know, however it's causing me to roam about muttering to myself like keanu reeves. Bear in mind i'm talking about something that lasts for roughly 15 minutes after i wake up.... people who have seen me in this state know that whatever i say will probably be complete bollocks and, in any case, can only be understood by north american grizzly bears... what am i on about?


Yatta Yatta Yatta

Yes, rumours are true, i am in fact alive. I won't make excuses, i've had a million chances to update. Just haven't been bothered. That's commitment for ya hehe.

Yeah well, as usual, i don't have much to say. I've got ballu tonight and to tell the honest truth, i am not looking forward to it, at all really. No specific thing that's making me not like it, i'm just not in the mood. Meh, we'll probably nip off and go explore Zurrieq after a couple of hours anyway. That might be kinda cool :) Actually i'm in the mood for Mdina....

Um, me and Lu (my ex-ex-girlfriend) are back together after a 2 month break, just for those who didnt know.... yeah... :D

What else what else what else.... 300!! OMGHAXROFLLOL!!111!!one!!KOPTER!1! I cannot contrive words to describe the beauty. It's like pure funnelled man-joy, only in a complete hetersexual context. But really, it was exactly what i wanted it to be, brilliant!

Ah yes, academic update hehe. Good News: I am pretty much, at this point in time, convinced i want to pursue this medical career (after going back and forth in my mind for the past few months). Actually i started studying a little seriously (emphasis on 'little') during these holidays and i am actually interested in my subject matter again, i'm tempted to say i am motivated *gasp*! Bad News: I have 6 weeks to learn roughly 3/4's of my syllabus in order to hopefully pass my exams. As you might imagine, this is not nice, so people if i happen to go into social reclusion for a while, just bear with me please, i dont want to have to resit in summer. Thankee-sai.

Oh, and i love these guys.


Friends + Cars = Fun

What a weekend!! I haven't had as much fun in quite a while hehe. Here's the rundown...

Friday, began as a normal day. Happily hanging out with Chris and Claire at the Uni canteen, playing worms (suicide ninja man!!). Well, Claire and i had already decided we werent going to go to the histology practical at 3.30, couldnt be bothered, fair enough. Then Simon and Des came over to the canteen, still roughly normal. Then since Chris was too enthusiasticly playing worms, we were late for our histology lecture... we could probably still have gone in, but hey, the door was all closed and stuff, plus we didnt feel like being killed by Dr Ali. So i was off to watch Des have her runthrough at Temi Zammit hall. After that.... well.... me, Sim, Des, nice day, car.... what to dooo..... Yup, called up Lu, picked her up, went for a drive down to St Julians and ended up having lunch at baystreet. I really do love those random car trips :D

Saturday! Woke up nice and early and was off to Joe's house to rehearse for the Good Friday function at community. After that went to pick up Lu again and we were off to have us a treasure hunt. If you have never had an experience of a treasure hunt i can tell you it's ruddy brilliant. Lu, Ian D., Mike, Luca, and myself, in my car driving around Ta Xbiex, Birgu and Senglea looking for whatever it is Ian's parents could think of writing on the instruction sheet. The weather was beautiful and many many many laughs (Unitatae Fortior!! HSBC!!! lol) were shared. We ended up coming second, and we gave our prize to Mig hehe. After that went to grab something to eat from Santa Lucia and then we had a relaxed night at Mark's house watching Farce of the Penguins. Gravy.

Sunday. Here I overlap a bit with Simon's blog. I spent most of the day inside trying to study. At 6 30 i leave to go over to Lu's house to go up with them for the filming. Filming and discussion was good. It was at the Fortizza wine bar place thingy in Xemxija, and it's a really nice place. All rustic/modern decor, but it works. Hehe. After waiting around for filming to finish Mike, Sim, Lu and myself went off in Mike's car, and later joined by Des and Van, spent till 4am in the car eating pizza and drinking beer and wine at exiles (read sim's blog for details). I love you guys!! ;)

All in all, a great weekend.



BLOG UP! Hehe, wow the attention this space has been getting is something completely 'out there'. I'm thinking of just calling it a forum if this activity carries on, or maybe actually set up a forum or something (yeah, thats not happening, i dont know how and in either case i'll never get down to it, woo!). Much love guys :D

Ok, well i spose i better say something of value (of sorts). Well, i'll start with today shall i? Last night i knew i'd probably be having a haemotology tutorial at some point this morning, though i had no idea what time. I set my alarm for 7am just incase. Now, when my alarm rang, early morning logic took over, cause when you're in your warm, comfy bed, it seems obvious that nobody would even think of scheduling a lecture before 10am, right? So i got up at 9am, the same exact time at which the lecture took place. Yeah, i missed it. 2 lectures later, i'm home again. Loveleh.

As from next week the 8 week count-down to the exams begins. I need to learn basically ALL first year physiology (half my syllabus), and a good half of anatomy (a quarter of my syllabus). Yeah, it's not going to be pretty. But hey, i still got a weekend to enjoy before that >.<


Hello thar! YES, an UPDATE (i'm spontanious like that).

Well, Sunday night we went out for Ian D's surprise birthday get-together thing (i wouldn't exactly call it a party). Basically we all went to exiles, at 8 in the evening, in march, with food and music. As you can imagine, we froze our butts off, but the night turned out pretty well, as beer, cake and dancing (ok and me and steve goofing off) helped lift our spirits. After we got a bit bugged we all went to Cara's (yes, again) for drinks and eats. All in all, a very enjoyable night.

Today woke up bright and early for Uni, went to a couple o lectures, and went to visit Mater Dei. The place is quite cool, reminds me a lot of Grey's Anatomy to be honest, has that big hospital feel (duhhh, really George??). Most of the furniture's made of plywood, and there's MILES to walk. I think i need to invest in a buggy or something. Other than that, looks pretty gravy. After the tour i met up with Dru and actually went to the gym. Woo! lol. My body's filing its complaints at the moment, and i know there's more to come in the morning, but i think i might actually get down to start going. Damn, i'm actually doing things i said i'd do, the world's coming to an end...

Sorry, just a rant on my rather ordinary life. I'll try to include some kind of insightful reflections next time. Till then kids, don't eat yellow snow.


Every Little Thing

Hey guys, you might have noticed the recent decline in my blogging and commenting, sorry i'm quite busy at this point, and it'll probably carry on until.... well i'm not sure really hehe. I'll try keep as up-to-date as poshible.

I'm not really in a blogging mood, but i'll give a little update. Went to get my car washed yesterday at the Jackie fundraiser. I felt compelled to help, so i helped wash a couple of cars with the girls. Was good fun hehe. In future, if you want to raise money for something, doing the car wash thing is a really good idea i think. I'd go for it in any case.

Went to the JC soiree last night. I always get bugged at these kind of shows half way through, happened with the DLS one and the SAC one, it happened here. But it was better than last year's show, and Lu, congrats, you did a great job ;) After this we went down to Hard Rock to get eats and beers (i had me a nice Guinness :D). After that pretty much went home. Oh and i got pulled over by the police for overtaking a bus way too fast lol. I feel kinda bad about it, they let me off with a disapproving look. My first 'driving story' hehe. Oh, and they tend to address you like this: "Inti xrobt JEW!!???"

Got a little get-together with the others tonight, should be good fun. Things are looking up :)

p.s. i added a new comic in the links section, 'Three Panel Soul'. I found this as a link from the VG cats site, it's Ian and Matt from Machall. You can imagine my excitement when my favourite comic creators stop updating for 6 months, and then i come across a new comic of theirs. I'm such a geek lol.


Be afraid, be very afraid

No post in a while, i know. I just wanted to post this link that i got today. What you are about to witness is what one of the world's most powerful nations consists of. Be afraid.


From the head to the heart

Early post for me, I knows. But, notice in advance, I start first aid tomorrow (woo!) and after that i go to worship team, then thursday its off to Behavioural Sciences weekend, so no update before Friday folks.

Today I had planned to go and carry on with my studying in the library routine yes? This is how it went: I left the dissection practical after roughly 15 min cause well, we were blatently wasting our time. At this point i had a small headache, but i said i wanna study, i'll just ignore it. So i went up, sat down, and read Renal for about an hour and a half ( i did actually learn something, woo!). I closed the book at 5 30, ( i had planned to stay till 7). The reason for this being that my head seems to have developed an allergy to study and it was now complaining, and its complaints took the form of throbbing pain. So at this point i said screw it, i'm going home, i need panadols. So i got up, hopped in the car, prayed that there wouldnt be much rush hour traffic, and went home. By the time i got home, the throbbing pain had evolved to a form of stabbing. I had panadols, and tried to eat, but the ache soon put me off my food. In fact the only thing i found i could do was go and sleep. So i did.

Magically i woke up at 8, with that "who am i? where am i? nurf?" feeling. I'm pretty sure if i didn't get up at that point i would have slept right through the night. Anyway i got up and wandered around feeling like i was abducted by aliens for a while until the world started to make more sense. Damn weird. So not much work today, but heck, i have a good excuse.

I want to end with something me and Ally just talked about. Last time chris asked me (at least i think he did) how exactly to pray. This, i think, is the best way to explain it:
Praying is like spending time with some you really, really love. Sometimes you rabble on about anything and everything, sometimes you open your heart about what's troubling you or about what you're really excited about, and sometimes you just sit there and say nothing. Ultimately, its not what you say that's important, it's that you're there together, in each other's presence.


No food, no cell phones, no moving desks

After many complaints, here is yer blog, crivens!

Today was the longest i have ever spent at Uni. Got there at 8 this morning and left at 6 this evening. We finished lectures at 1 but me and chris stayed on in the library to study. I did actually learn a couple of things, basically read 2 chapters from endocrine physiology (hormones for you non-meds) and i'm rather happy about that. Thing is that really isnt much considering we were in there for about 4 hours. The reason for our apparant lack of productivity was distractions on the form of:

1. Each other saying completely random things
2. Getting carried away looking at stuff on internet on chris' laptop
3. Visits from Hussein telling us how he's doing in anatomy and that we're crazy bastards
4. A simultaneous combination of all of the above

This activity is very probably going to continue for the rest of the semester. The idea of being able to keep my work at Uni, so i can just relax when i get home, appeals to me a lot. Plus there are way too many distractions at home, i dont have the motivation i used to. I had a great time, though we really need to actually do more work next time chris.... before they kick us out for making so much noise too kekeke.

According to Chris one of our lecturers advised us to enjoy 1st and 2nd year as much as possible and very basically just do enough work to get by, as whatever grades we get now affect our overall grad certificate very little (that is of course as long as you actually pass). This notion, of course appeals to me. Though i dont intend on getting by just by a lot of luck, i am going to put in a certain amount of work, but i'm not aiming to over-acheive here. I have the other 3 years to break my back with work and worry, for now i want to enjoy life, do some stuff i wont have time for later on. So, we'll see how things turn out shall we?

Nothing else to report. We start first aid course this Wednesday (woo!!) and then on Thursday it's off to Behavioural Sciences weekend, which is probably going to be a huge waste of time, nevertheless, i see a lot of laughs forthcoming.


Divine Muse

Afternoon all. Just got home from Uni about half an hour ago. It's a beautiful sunny day out and my histology practical got cancelled. Woo! Went to Hugo's with chris, sarah, claire, osama and xristos (i think thats how you spell it...). Had a good fun time, and i learned several things:

1. Greeks and rice are somewhat mortal enemies
2. If you try and order pasta without knowing much about what's in it, it's likely to come from outer space...
3. Justin Timberlake hypnotises innocent bystanders into being dancers in his music video using his BUTT

I'm pretty damn sleepy, the sun tends to do that to me, but i'm having a really good time lately. Really looking forward to community meeting at Sarria tonight, both for the meeting itself and prob going out to Valletta after with the others. Times are fun!! hehe

Something that's been going on with me lately is that everytime i sit down to do my quiet time (pray), i get ideas for songs forming in my head. I'm getting a super creative streak at the moment, it's great hehe. I always end up getting bugged of whatever kind of song i write, they always seem to get on my nerves after a while, but now i'm just getting into a kind of groove (this by grace alone, i know this for sure) and i'm loving it. I want to write music with others, with my friends. For once i really genuinely want input from others and see their views and let them give their take, rather than wanting everything done my own way. I'm trying to train my voice every day, Joe's been telling me to do this for aaaaages and i never got round to it. But this is something that i love doing, so i'm going to go for it! Yar!

Not very interesting news is it? Well, just to reward you for your patience in going through all my personal babble: Rabbit VS Snake.... the snake wins obviously....obviously....of course....


When I'm weak, I am strong

An update! Indeed!!

Right, monday afternoon. Everyone else will have just about finished the lectures for today i think. Why am i at home then? Well, i'm sick. Yar. After about a year and a half it caught up with me again. Bit of a cough, slight temperature, blamf. I went to Uni this morning just for one lecture anyway, didn't want to miss it as it had some practice involved. Now, i came down with whatever it is i have yesterday, so i didn't go to mass with the others, i didn't go to fortizza with the others, and i didn't go to the penis monologues. I stayed home and did bugger all. Actually i spent most of the night playing guitar. Point being, i didn't do any work at all. Maybe that'll change today (pls pls do), maybe not. Bah.

Saturday night was great fun. Went to the youth mass (first time in aaaaaaaaaaages), went out to Paceville (*gasp* heathen!!) to meet Chris, Claire, Ally, Ryan, Corso, Frenchie (with ze funky shoes yes?) and well everyone else. Was fun. After that met Lu and gave her a lift up to Mark's house. We missed the food but hey, i still salvaged some fun. Woo!

Just to let everyone in on the ranting me and Chris occassionally go on about....BLACK!!
And on a completely different note, this is what i spent most of sunday looking at.
Finally, to end the linkingness of the day, Lu made me listen to these guys today. Ruddy brilliant.

Till next time kids.


Right, a few of you have been asking me about how come I'm so overly religious hehe. To try and give an answer to anyone's questions, I'm posting my testimony up here. It's basically what I went through that changed my life, my personal encounter with God. If anyone wants to ask me something about it, or about God in general, don't hesitate to ask. You can ask me in person if you don't want to post it as a comment. Enjoy ;)


All my life I’ve been grateful for what I have. I was raised a Catholic and have always gone to Church on Sundays and done what was expected of me. I’ve always wanted to do what I thought was right and I’ve always believed that God existed. As I got older, I started going into things that a lot of people go through. I’d start going out on weekends to clubs, drinking, taking interest in girls, etc. I used to love listening to Metal, it gave me a way to deal with pressure and frustration, and I loved the feeling it gave me when I listened to it and played it. All through this, I had fallen into many temptations several times, and I’d go and confess them. I was still in touch with my religion, and I still prayed occasionally.

All this left me as what I’d like to think was a good person. I had a lot of great friends whom I held in high regard, I did well in school and was never involved in drugs or anything like that. Everything was going great. There was just one problem. I wasn’t happy, not truly. I had good times and enjoyed doing a lot of the things I did, but I’d also find myself at home feeling horribly lonely and depressed, with this empty feeling inside me. I’d ask myself ‘Is this all there is to life? Isn’t there anything more? More real?’ All my life consisted of was a repeated cycle of working during the week, going out on the weekends and drinking or partying away my worries. I had nothing that made my life worth living, I saw no real purpose to doing anything.

I always read stories, watched movies and played games (especially fantasy ones) because I always liked the fact that the characters were fighting for something they believed in, they had a reason to go on. I envied them for that. I tried to live my life by a set of morals, but I’d always do something that’d break them. It could have been anything, from getting drunk and doing something stupid with a girl to letting a friend down. I felt I could never live by even my own standards of principle. And all around me, society’s principles seemed even lower than mine, as doing what I felt was wrong was something ‘normal’.

The first step came when I did the Alpha Course. My mom had been involved in it along with my uncle for a few years and she was always pestering me to attend. Now, as most people would think, I thought I had better things to do with my time. But just when I started sixth form, my mom asked a neighbour of mine, who I had befriended since she started the at the same school as me, to attend. Surprisingly enough, my friend agreed to do it. When my mom told me that, I said “What the heck, I’ll do it. At least I won’t be alone and it’ll shut my mom up if anything”. So I did the course, and after a couple of months, I finished it. The only weird thing was that I actually enjoyed it. I learned some things about my religion that I didn’t know, and it got me to pray a bit more and read the Bible. I wouldn’t say it changed my life though, cause after I went back to doing the same things I did before. And because of that, I carried on feeling the same way about life.

Not knowing what else to do, I prayed to God about it. When I say ‘prayed to God‘, it was more like speaking my thoughts and feelings out loud, though I used to like to pretend I was directing them to God. In any case, He gave me an answer. I realised that I kept my faith separate from my life. I gave my faith what it was due but I didn‘t apply it to my life. I wanted to control my life and live it as I wished. When I realised this I couldn’t help but feel like such a hypocrite. From there I knew that I could go deeper and learn to know God, and I knew that to do that I’d have to change. This prospect scared me immensely. This was the life I have always led, and I didn’t want to let go of all the things I had grown to love. I didn’t want to become one of those ‘Church people’ who spend all their time saying the Rosary at home and never go out and have the fun I had. I always liked to make my own plans and be in charge of my own life. Giving up control was something I felt I couldn’t handle.

Then a friend of mine, who was also the drummer in the band I was in, found God in his life. This surprised me a lot, I mean I never would have thought of him living for Christ. He had joined the Marana Tha’ Community and invited me to go up for one of the talks. I took him up on his offer. The talk we received was about how we must thirst for the Spirit and give up our lives for Jesus. I was amazed, this talk was clearly for me and I knew God was calling me. Again the fear of leaving all I knew behind seeped in, but I looked at what I got from my life up until now, and it wasn’t what I imagined. For all my efforts, all I was left with was stress, frustration, worry, sadness and loneliness. So I made a decision. I told Jesus, ‘Lord, this is what my life has been and it has given me nothing worth living for. So I’m going to trust you. If there is more to this life than what I’ve found, show it to me and I will live my life for You’.

From that day on I changed. I felt so incredibly relieved and so happy! I felt the Spirit of Christ working in me everyday. I had a reason to live: to proclaim the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, to worship Him and spread the Good News. I’m happy to say that I’m not a ‘Church person’, I still do the things I love doing, I still go out on weekends and have fun, but all the things that caused me grief, that gave me a reason to worry, are gone. Finding Christ is a big step but a small change. The Spirit is gentle and won’t make you do anything you don’t want to do. I found giving up the bad things in my life much easier, mostly because something inside me saw them for what they were and I didn’t want to do them anymore.

Life is a journey, and I’ve just begun my path. I know that many troubles lay ahead, as well as many joys, but everyday I wake up always trying to build my relationship with Jesus and get to know him better and better. Dying to the world is a scary prospect, but being reborn in Christ is something so much more wonderful than anything you will ever find on Earth.

"For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for me will save it." Luke 9:24


A rather quick update, i know, but i've just read claire's blog (check out the link in me friend's section) and i've gotten all inspired. So majorly i'm going to talk about music too....somewhat....amongst other things.....

Following the weekend, i'm supposed to start meeting with the guys (Ian, Mike, Miggy, maybe Joe and Luca, heck who knows who else) to start up a proper sort of "band". I say "band" cause we want to develop worship, and being as it's going to be pretty free with regards to those taking part, it might end up turning into more of a team than a 4- or 5-guy set up. Either way, it's all good. I'm really excited to get things set up. I mean we play every week at community, and we do outreaches and healing services and all that, but it's nice to getting to develop music with your friends when you're not on a deadline. I also really want to get down to writing some songs, maybe put an album together. It's something i've always wanted to do, and now we've got all the equipment that we could ever ask for and more! It's such a blessing, and i'd hate to waste it. Especially as i know when (/if lol) i graduate i'm not going to have so much time for these kinds of things.

I think the biggest reason for my urge to write material is because of what we're writing about. That's the beauty of christian music. Whether it's a slow, ministry song, or a jumpy praise one, even if it's an old churchy type song that you don't even like, you can still sing it and really mean what you're saying. I've tried writing songs in the past, i mean i've written a few poems and stuff, but they always turn out a little depressive (cause i kept basing them on minor chords). My biggest problem was that i always went too deep with the lyrics, and it's hard to relate to the song. I think this is cause i didn't really have anything to write about, except the emotions i had from whatever experiences i was going through.

This is something great about finding God in your life, about living for God. It's something to be passionate about, something that i AM passionate about, and it gives me something to communicate to the world. Having something concrete to sing about, not just about how bad you feel cause this happened to you, or cause this person made you feel that way (emo galore, bleh hehe). To have something that extends beyond you, that's bigger than you, and to have your entire life based around that one thing, is beautiful. This is why i'm itching to start, cause i've got something i want to share with the world, and a passion to share it with!

I'm going to add a new section to my links, try to share what christian music really is and what it's about. If you hadn't noticed, i'm trying to break the stereotype hehe. I'm sorry this rant turned out so long, but hey, when i have something to write about, i write indeed.

A little update of what i've been up to today. I took me car in for it's first inspection. After reading Thud! for 45 min while i waited for the car to be inspected, it was taken in and taken back out 5 min later. That was it. Wow, car maintenance, such fun. After that I shot off to Uni to make it just in time for the archbishop's talk, followed by ash wednesday mass in the chapel. Was really nice. After that had one lecture, now i'm back home. Hopefully i'll study a bit before worship team tonight....... enjoying life too much right now!!


Hooray for monster movies

Damn the weather's awful. It's been cloudy and windy all day. Humf...... what an opener eh?

Last blog was ooooo almost a week ago. Getting lazy aren't I, hehe. Well we had the community weekend this last friday to sunday, and it was brilliant. I enjoyed it even more than last year. The talks were, well, good (even though they were in italian) and i had a great time being with ma friends all weekend. The talent show was great, i enjoyed every single act, and a deserved well done to everyone taking part! Saturday was jam-packed with stuff, i was up from like 6 sat morning to 2 sunday morning, and dead tired during most of that time (it's hard to sleep with 5 roommates, none of which feel like doing the same). And yeah the food pretty much sucked. But despite all that, ruddy brilliant. Having all the music system set up and just being able to play for almost half a day, makes my heart box fuzzy :D

Had one lecture this morning cause the other 2 got cancelled (cancelled?! oh my!!), so i hung out with claire and corso for a while, went to the library for a bit, went to mass, and here i am, at home waiting to have some lunch. I got my test results today, and i passed! Woo! It's a good feeling when you know you weren't prepared enough and you end up not doing that badly. Maybe i might actually graduate some day..... Oh, and i almost forgot! I carried out my first testicular examination today (on a plastic model)!!! WOO!!! (not gay. NOT GAY!!!). A message from dr PSW, check your balls for cancer kids (he means it. Apparantly late teens is the risk age).

Oh, just on the side, this looks pretty interesting. 300 comes out soon! Boo-yah!


The Dude in the Nappy with the Bow

Right off the bat, Happy Valentine's day to everyone. Not exactly the best holiday i know of, but in any case, for those of you who have someone special, appreciate them. Happy "holiday"!

Busy busy busy. Slept at john's last night, actually woke up at 6 30 this morning to go jogging with Ian and Mike. Now, consider that i haven't done any serious exercise in about 2 years. As you might imagine, I died. After an eventual recovery, had lunch, went up to Uni for 2 lectures, met Mig and went up to community to rehearse his song and pack up most of the stuff for JoeJoe while he spends the evening with his lovely lady ;P Just got home, pretty tired. Haven't studied at all today, but heck, serious work starts next week in any case. Friday the community weekend begins. Woo! I'm looking forward to it and i'm not at the same time. I mean, it's a great experience and i AM looking forward to that. What i'm not looking forward to is packing, settling in, setting up the equipment, and then doing it all again when it's over. Woo for jams!!

Nothing much else to say, except this: if you ever have any problems in a relationship of any kind, during the relationship or after it ends, talk about it. It's so good to get things out and know that the other person knows where you're coming from, and to clear up some misunderstandings, even apologize for things if you know you should. I think a lot of things would go better between people if they just swallowed their pride and opened up. It's good to talk. ( I am in no way endorsing any kind of mobile phone company, i swear...... what?....).


Day In, Day Out

Question: What happens when you don't use your computer for about 4 days?
Answer: 64 ruddy emails in your inbox, thats what. Gosh I love my course...

Bah, well about time for an update eh? I haven't really been able to get to the computer since wednesday actually. I just got home from yet another rehearsal with the guys. We've had one practically every day since thursday. Had the dress rehearsal for the talent show this weekend, went well. It looks like the worship over the weekend is going to be largely in the hands of, well, the band. It's a great thing to do, and we're all thankful, but it also means a lot of rehearsals. And now... I'm tired hehe.

Went to the St Aloysius Soiree last night. It was..... good. I was surprised by the amount of talent they had as regards voices, and the band and dancing was pretty good. But for the sake of all things fluffy, stop the damn play in italian. NOBODY ACTUALLY WATCHES IT! And stop smoking pot before you go out on stage too ;P After that went out to Melita, the wine bar part. Was nice, met Danny boy too, you NORFERN SCUM!!

Ugh, not much else to say. I DO NOT feel like waking up to go to Uni tomorrow. The bad part is that i havent studied anything since wednesday. The way it looks i'm going to have to pack half my subject matter into the space of about 2 months. Ugly ishn't it?

John finally came back from Australia today, went up to meet him at the airport. Been an... eventful month without him, and damn glad to have him back. As for the rest of tonight, i'm looking forward to updating myself regards whatever's going on, and reading Thud!. Hopefully i'll manage to get this shitty feeling out of me too..... *sigh*.... breakups suck.



Yup, after 4 months of getting my liscence, I finally got my new corsa. It's been the object of a lot of debate and arguement between me and my mom (who was kind enough to buy it for me), and now it'll be my object of paranoia for the next month or so. Still, a great car, I know I'm lucky that my parents are willing not only to spend, but trust me with something like this. Still trying to get used to having my own wheels though.... woo!

Right, quick re-cap on the weekend's events. Friday morning went up to De La Salle (me old school yar!) to meet teachers and the uppers and stuff. Was nice to see everyone again. It feels really weird though, the teachers all talk to you like you're on par with them, and the uppers only have a month of school left before they break for the A's... how time does fly... then again half of first year's already over!? Monkeys!! Anyways after that i had to go up to University for a lecture, went to Valletta after with mig, sim and my dad for a bite to eat, and went to community. Saturday morning i got the car (woo!), met the guys to practise for the talent show and had Mark's surprise party in the evening. Sunday went up to St Luke's for some tutoring from Joelle (thanks a mill jo) and went to watch Smoking Aces at the cinema in the evening (a film i definately recommend). Can you tell I've been busy?

I just got home around an hour ago, been at Uni all day... tired but i dont have any lectures tomorrow so ish goot. It's funny, i've always worked so hard to get into this course and now that i'm actually in it all i do is think and contemplate about dropping out and doing something else. It's not that the course bugs me, i guess its that i'm not used to this kind of studying where you basically have to research and get all the info yourself. That and the fact i always ask the question: If what i love is the arts (art, music, literature, history) then why on earth am i studying science? Well, i know that at my school we stopped having art in form 2, and well i was always good at science.... more than that i guess if what i did was art-related, then it'd become my work and i'd stop liking it so much. I dont know, and i might never find out. But i'm not complaining, I actually do like what i'm doing at the moment, whether i go through moods or not. And i'm getting to the point where i'm ready to get down and start doing some proper work done. Hoo-ah!

Carpe Diem

Right, looks like I'm taking requests now... Chris, zis von iz for zou.

Ok well you know the kind of day I had yesterday, where you seem to waste loads of time doing nothing in particular? Well, today was the exact opposite. I was woken up, rather early, by the water services guy who came round to read our meter... I don't think his day started very well, considering after ringing our doorbell a few dozen times he was greeted by a disgruntled, bearded guy, still in his PJ's (well they arent really PJ's but what else do you call your house clothes?), and half of who's hair decided it wanted to disobey gravity. Yeah, I looked like hell.....

One breakfast croissant and a bad TV show later, I went and actually managed to pray in the morning (I find it really hard to do that at home these days, got to used to doing it at the chapel at Uni...), and by 10 30 I was at my desk ready to get some work done. And I actually did. I read most of the first chapter of Renal Physiology and I actually UNDERSTOOD it! Damn, sometimes I'm surprised I still have the capacity to learn something...

Later simon came over and we spent most of the evening just talking and goofing around (it's practically mandatory). Anyways right now it's 00 23 and sim's skecthing something and Im watching top gear on youtube. Good times.

Can I have your toe nail clippings for my collection? Pretty please?


Ask and you shall receive

Ok so Sarah wants blog, a blog she gets.

Now, about this whole anonymous commentary going on, I'm not really bothered with it anymore as you might have guessed. It might have been fun to actually try and find out who it is, up until it just got too complicated and well sad really. And Sarah's right, if you're going to do it, at least make it interesting. Nuff said, comment if you like, anything I don't approve of I'll delete (how's that for communism for ya? cencorship of the people yar!).

I've had one of THOSE days today. The type where you sit down and have all the intentions in the world to do a good load of work.......and end up literally wasting your time looking at pointless things on the internet and staring at the wall daydreaming. I've been having a lot of these days recently and it's becoming disconcerning..... I honestly tried to do some biochemistry today, but, as is with most of our physiology, it's loaded with so much detail that I always end up finishing a chapter and not knowing what the heck the author's on about. That and the fact that I don't really know what's important to learn and what isn't since it all looks like a collection of utterly useless facts. So, for today at least I'm going back to anatomy, at least I'll actually learn something..... I'm sorry for the med rant, I'll probably take most of what I've said back sooner or later, but so speaks my mood. Ha!

After listening to the same 5 albums over and over and over and over again for the past couple of months, I went on a desperate search to find some new good christian music on the net (there's a limited number of times you can listen to Hillsong United without getting buggged of it). And music I found. However it was in the form of Jonah 33, Disciple and Decypher Down. Now, if you look any of these bands up on the net, you'll find they all have one thing in common. They're very metal-loaded angsty christians. Coming from a devoted metal background myself (Limp Bizkit, Korn, Slipknot.... the works..... never Iron Maiden though, never really understood THEM) I should be thrilled about this... but no. I just.... don't know how supposedly devoted christians can play this kind of music, nor how they'd want to listen to it. Outside of religious backgrounds it makes perfect sense to want to play and listen to it. But when I met God was when I stopped needing to funnel any aggression or need to try and communicate with a world that I felt was unfair or unjust. Some might argue that they do so to reach out to people in a way that they understand, but I've come to learn that that's not what God is, and no matter how hard you try, you can't project Him in that way. And it's not just a matter of principle, I can't listen to this kind of music anymore, Christian-inspired or not, becuase I physically feel uncomfortable. It's part of how God changes you. This doesn't mean I'm happy with the dreary 50's church songs they play everywhere (please, gimme a break). Writing music for and about God is something to be passionate about, as is the way your life reflects that passion. After this afternoon's search I was just left with a big desire to just start writing my own stuff and to really get something solid together with the guys. I don't know, if I daydream about dropping out and studying art and writing anymore I might wake up and find I've actually done it....


Beware the marshmellow fairies!

So, day 2. Like I said, I don't plan on blogging everyday, but I never really stick to plans so we'll see how it goes hehe. 6 comments on my first blog, I'm pretty happy with that. Thanks guys.

I was woken up bright and early this morning by a message from stef (meli) saying that they were going up to De La Salle at 8 today and checking if I wanted to go. Considering he sent this message at 7:10 I graciously declined (what I actually said was more like "..mmf..nnn..burrr..feck off"). Going up on friday as is with Sim and the others in any case.

Anyways I had one histology practical today, which I can say, was pretty much utterly useless. The more I go to those sessions, the more I start to wonder why I even bother in the first place...
Well it looks like my time-table has decided to start sucking quite a bit. As is I now have Wednesdays off but I'm stuck at Uni till 5 on Tuesdays and Fridays. Buh! I was actually expecting this to happen, my first semester was way too nice and relaxed for the rest of the course to follow suit. Then again this thing changes practically every week so we'll see how things go...

That's all to report for today. I've got to write that article for murmur but I'm going to spend the next hour putting that off by reading QC. Oh and as for the "mystery commenter", I guess we'll play your little game if only for a little amusement. I'm guessing you're on my msn list since you found this thing so quickly. As for swimming, I used to train swimming for like 3 years, could that have something to do with it? Then again it could mean a million other things so not much help there...


It Begins

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to OmegaTango, my new blogspace. I decided to set this thing up cause well, those who've known me for a while now might remember my old space which was quite a success if I do say so myself, and well I'm in the mood. I have no real plans for this space except for the fact that I usually have a lot to rant about concerning my everyday life (I don't expect anyone to actually BE interested, but well thats up to you isnt it?) and anyway I like writing in general.

Oh and why OmegaTango? It was a title for a webcomic I wanted to set up during 6th form and never got to use, but more accurately.........heck, why not?

I shall conclude this first blog with humour courtey of Jimmy Carr:
"What's worse than biting into an apple and finding a worm in it?" "BEING RAPED."

Buckle your seat belts and say goodbye to your braincells, this is OmegaTango.