Ze infected

If you've noticed the time of this blog, I should be in an anatomy lecture. I am not in an anatomy lecture because I'm at home and I'm sick. woo! It looks like a small strain of influenza, hopefully it'll blow over by tomorrow...

Spent most of my time yesterday just... well you ever get those days where you want to do a lot of work but you end up just wasting time watching stuff on tv that you don't even like or looking up stupid things on the net? Just me? Well i had one of those days. I did go to Uni in the morning though. Now, i had a sore throat, so i went out with a scarf... bear in mind that yesterday it was 23 degrees outside. When almost everyone's running around in t shirts (and a select few in shorts too) and you're with a zipped up sweater and a scarf, you get a few weird looks. It was boiling though, i mean it was colder inside the house than it was outside.

Anyways, i just wanted to share this video. Mark, this is for you.

You might notice the video section on the right. I'll see how it goes, maybe i'll keep it, maybe not. Just thought it might be a cool addition. Thoughts are welcome.


If only the former met the latter...

I just want to point out two things I came across on the internet today...

Those of you who are hardcore 300 fans (this means you mike) should be interested in this. Yeah, I downloaded it.

While I was looking at some movie trailers I found something, get a load of this:

You can watch the actual trailer here... there is no hope...


Here we go again

Well, well, well, here we are again. Yes I know i had said I would start blogging regularly again and yes I know I never actually got down to doing it. I've been busy (relatively)....
(kudos to mark for the picture).

Anyways, 2nd year. Right. After the surprise that I actually did pass my first year annuals and the fact that I did not study during the summer as I intended to do, for now the course is looking ok... The topics look pretty interesting (well, except for biochem obviously), but, that said, I haven't actually gotten down to studying much at all. Had a whole mix up with my physio project title, wasted a lot of time reading up articles when I decided to change my title at the last minute. I'm doing it on OCD now (obsessive-compulsive disorder), if anyone's got any handy resources, you're very welcome ;)

I'd like to add that it looks like MMSA (Malta Medical Students' Association) have linked to this page, along with some others (ally, mark and chris included). This might make this little blog a little bit more interesting (publicity, woo!!). In either case, it seems they're watching us....

Marana Tha' youth weekend coming up in a couple of weeks. I'm really looking forward to it, I think it's gonna be something really special. That said I've got quite a bit of work left to go into it, what with rehearsals and all. Meh.

Anyways, I'm off to try and decipher some neuroscience. I love this weather, been looking forward to winter for over a month now, but it's making me just want to sleep... More blogs should be coming up... hurrr

Ps. Check out the video on Simon's blog (dated today). I mean it.