BLOG UP! Hehe, wow the attention this space has been getting is something completely 'out there'. I'm thinking of just calling it a forum if this activity carries on, or maybe actually set up a forum or something (yeah, thats not happening, i dont know how and in either case i'll never get down to it, woo!). Much love guys :D

Ok, well i spose i better say something of value (of sorts). Well, i'll start with today shall i? Last night i knew i'd probably be having a haemotology tutorial at some point this morning, though i had no idea what time. I set my alarm for 7am just incase. Now, when my alarm rang, early morning logic took over, cause when you're in your warm, comfy bed, it seems obvious that nobody would even think of scheduling a lecture before 10am, right? So i got up at 9am, the same exact time at which the lecture took place. Yeah, i missed it. 2 lectures later, i'm home again. Loveleh.

As from next week the 8 week count-down to the exams begins. I need to learn basically ALL first year physiology (half my syllabus), and a good half of anatomy (a quarter of my syllabus). Yeah, it's not going to be pretty. But hey, i still got a weekend to enjoy before that >.<


Hello thar! YES, an UPDATE (i'm spontanious like that).

Well, Sunday night we went out for Ian D's surprise birthday get-together thing (i wouldn't exactly call it a party). Basically we all went to exiles, at 8 in the evening, in march, with food and music. As you can imagine, we froze our butts off, but the night turned out pretty well, as beer, cake and dancing (ok and me and steve goofing off) helped lift our spirits. After we got a bit bugged we all went to Cara's (yes, again) for drinks and eats. All in all, a very enjoyable night.

Today woke up bright and early for Uni, went to a couple o lectures, and went to visit Mater Dei. The place is quite cool, reminds me a lot of Grey's Anatomy to be honest, has that big hospital feel (duhhh, really George??). Most of the furniture's made of plywood, and there's MILES to walk. I think i need to invest in a buggy or something. Other than that, looks pretty gravy. After the tour i met up with Dru and actually went to the gym. Woo! lol. My body's filing its complaints at the moment, and i know there's more to come in the morning, but i think i might actually get down to start going. Damn, i'm actually doing things i said i'd do, the world's coming to an end...

Sorry, just a rant on my rather ordinary life. I'll try to include some kind of insightful reflections next time. Till then kids, don't eat yellow snow.


Every Little Thing

Hey guys, you might have noticed the recent decline in my blogging and commenting, sorry i'm quite busy at this point, and it'll probably carry on until.... well i'm not sure really hehe. I'll try keep as up-to-date as poshible.

I'm not really in a blogging mood, but i'll give a little update. Went to get my car washed yesterday at the Jackie fundraiser. I felt compelled to help, so i helped wash a couple of cars with the girls. Was good fun hehe. In future, if you want to raise money for something, doing the car wash thing is a really good idea i think. I'd go for it in any case.

Went to the JC soiree last night. I always get bugged at these kind of shows half way through, happened with the DLS one and the SAC one, it happened here. But it was better than last year's show, and Lu, congrats, you did a great job ;) After this we went down to Hard Rock to get eats and beers (i had me a nice Guinness :D). After that pretty much went home. Oh and i got pulled over by the police for overtaking a bus way too fast lol. I feel kinda bad about it, they let me off with a disapproving look. My first 'driving story' hehe. Oh, and they tend to address you like this: "Inti xrobt JEW!!???"

Got a little get-together with the others tonight, should be good fun. Things are looking up :)

p.s. i added a new comic in the links section, 'Three Panel Soul'. I found this as a link from the VG cats site, it's Ian and Matt from Machall. You can imagine my excitement when my favourite comic creators stop updating for 6 months, and then i come across a new comic of theirs. I'm such a geek lol.


Be afraid, be very afraid

No post in a while, i know. I just wanted to post this link that i got today. What you are about to witness is what one of the world's most powerful nations consists of. Be afraid.


From the head to the heart

Early post for me, I knows. But, notice in advance, I start first aid tomorrow (woo!) and after that i go to worship team, then thursday its off to Behavioural Sciences weekend, so no update before Friday folks.

Today I had planned to go and carry on with my studying in the library routine yes? This is how it went: I left the dissection practical after roughly 15 min cause well, we were blatently wasting our time. At this point i had a small headache, but i said i wanna study, i'll just ignore it. So i went up, sat down, and read Renal for about an hour and a half ( i did actually learn something, woo!). I closed the book at 5 30, ( i had planned to stay till 7). The reason for this being that my head seems to have developed an allergy to study and it was now complaining, and its complaints took the form of throbbing pain. So at this point i said screw it, i'm going home, i need panadols. So i got up, hopped in the car, prayed that there wouldnt be much rush hour traffic, and went home. By the time i got home, the throbbing pain had evolved to a form of stabbing. I had panadols, and tried to eat, but the ache soon put me off my food. In fact the only thing i found i could do was go and sleep. So i did.

Magically i woke up at 8, with that "who am i? where am i? nurf?" feeling. I'm pretty sure if i didn't get up at that point i would have slept right through the night. Anyway i got up and wandered around feeling like i was abducted by aliens for a while until the world started to make more sense. Damn weird. So not much work today, but heck, i have a good excuse.

I want to end with something me and Ally just talked about. Last time chris asked me (at least i think he did) how exactly to pray. This, i think, is the best way to explain it:
Praying is like spending time with some you really, really love. Sometimes you rabble on about anything and everything, sometimes you open your heart about what's troubling you or about what you're really excited about, and sometimes you just sit there and say nothing. Ultimately, its not what you say that's important, it's that you're there together, in each other's presence.


No food, no cell phones, no moving desks

After many complaints, here is yer blog, crivens!

Today was the longest i have ever spent at Uni. Got there at 8 this morning and left at 6 this evening. We finished lectures at 1 but me and chris stayed on in the library to study. I did actually learn a couple of things, basically read 2 chapters from endocrine physiology (hormones for you non-meds) and i'm rather happy about that. Thing is that really isnt much considering we were in there for about 4 hours. The reason for our apparant lack of productivity was distractions on the form of:

1. Each other saying completely random things
2. Getting carried away looking at stuff on internet on chris' laptop
3. Visits from Hussein telling us how he's doing in anatomy and that we're crazy bastards
4. A simultaneous combination of all of the above

This activity is very probably going to continue for the rest of the semester. The idea of being able to keep my work at Uni, so i can just relax when i get home, appeals to me a lot. Plus there are way too many distractions at home, i dont have the motivation i used to. I had a great time, though we really need to actually do more work next time chris.... before they kick us out for making so much noise too kekeke.

According to Chris one of our lecturers advised us to enjoy 1st and 2nd year as much as possible and very basically just do enough work to get by, as whatever grades we get now affect our overall grad certificate very little (that is of course as long as you actually pass). This notion, of course appeals to me. Though i dont intend on getting by just by a lot of luck, i am going to put in a certain amount of work, but i'm not aiming to over-acheive here. I have the other 3 years to break my back with work and worry, for now i want to enjoy life, do some stuff i wont have time for later on. So, we'll see how things turn out shall we?

Nothing else to report. We start first aid course this Wednesday (woo!!) and then on Thursday it's off to Behavioural Sciences weekend, which is probably going to be a huge waste of time, nevertheless, i see a lot of laughs forthcoming.


Divine Muse

Afternoon all. Just got home from Uni about half an hour ago. It's a beautiful sunny day out and my histology practical got cancelled. Woo! Went to Hugo's with chris, sarah, claire, osama and xristos (i think thats how you spell it...). Had a good fun time, and i learned several things:

1. Greeks and rice are somewhat mortal enemies
2. If you try and order pasta without knowing much about what's in it, it's likely to come from outer space...
3. Justin Timberlake hypnotises innocent bystanders into being dancers in his music video using his BUTT

I'm pretty damn sleepy, the sun tends to do that to me, but i'm having a really good time lately. Really looking forward to community meeting at Sarria tonight, both for the meeting itself and prob going out to Valletta after with the others. Times are fun!! hehe

Something that's been going on with me lately is that everytime i sit down to do my quiet time (pray), i get ideas for songs forming in my head. I'm getting a super creative streak at the moment, it's great hehe. I always end up getting bugged of whatever kind of song i write, they always seem to get on my nerves after a while, but now i'm just getting into a kind of groove (this by grace alone, i know this for sure) and i'm loving it. I want to write music with others, with my friends. For once i really genuinely want input from others and see their views and let them give their take, rather than wanting everything done my own way. I'm trying to train my voice every day, Joe's been telling me to do this for aaaaages and i never got round to it. But this is something that i love doing, so i'm going to go for it! Yar!

Not very interesting news is it? Well, just to reward you for your patience in going through all my personal babble: Rabbit VS Snake.... the snake wins obviously....obviously....of course....