Soul Survivor

It's 23:36, I have to wake up at 05:00 to get ready and make sure I have everything and be at the airport by 06:30. Most people are either going to sleep or trying to finish packing. I'm packed. I think I've forgotten something though. Don't know what it is (obviously), it's just that feeling. I need to go pray soon before I try and sleep. I hope I manage to sleep. I'm really, really excited. Really.


Extra dimensions... in my pants

Presently I sit here with my nice cuppa tea underneath the AC at my dad's after having just returned from exiles with lanf, krissie and zoe. It's been an uneventful day, but in a nice kind of way. Woke up to the builders next door banging on the other side of my bedroom wall. One glass of juice and a teeth brushing later and I'm out of the door on the way to my dad's to catch up with some PS3 time. I borrowed Resident Evil 5 from mike and spent a good 2 hours on it. It surprises me how much I'm no longer able to play games for hours on end like I used to. I just get bugged after a bit. Guess I'm growing out of it. I actually felt a bit bad for having bought a PS3 cause I hardly use the thing, I've only got like 5 games after almost 2 years... ajma.

Tomorrow my bookcase arrives and I'm really pleased about that. It's actually a kind of shelving unit for a cafe, but basically it's exactly the same as the actual bookcases in the range only it's a bit bigger and it's got mirrors in the back boards of the top two shelves. I know I'm ranting on about a bookcase but I kind of like the idea of having cafe furniture in my bedroom. I might have slyed my way into getting a modern double bed too, but we'll have to see about that XD

Been back from the north for less than a week but it feels like more than that, already adjusted to life back home again. Something about the string theory being a candidate for the theory on Everything just came up on national geographic. Num num.