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Heyo, got a busy weekend coming up - Behavioural sciences weekend from this afternoon till Saturday afternoon, dvd night thing at community on Sat evening, going to Qrendi at 8 in the morning on Sunday to animate the mass, and got a lovely dvd/meal at Dan's place Sunday night. Tis lovely indeed!

Life at the moment feels pretty weird I gotta say. As far as everyday life goes, I think I've gotten used to being single again now and I'm pretty free, enjoying the little everyday things and even uni isn't getting me down anymore.... though I know I still have loads of work to do but I can fret about that later. Spiritually I feel like I'm going through a renewal, coming out of that stale feeling I experienced. It's that feeling that propelled me to start listening to 'normal' music for example, which was nice for the time, but now I feel I'm being called back... I'm going deeper and I want to go deeper. It's a great feeling, and rather exciting too. I think it has a lot to do with all the stuff that's happening collectively in the group (you know who you are ;P). In short, it feels strange cause at the moment my life has a lot of things on the horizon, a lot of change and renewal... I don't know if you get what I mean but lets just say spring this year is really going to mean new life for me :D Meh, I've got a whole weekend of this intrapersonal stuff and i'm already babbling about my feelings...

Yesterday I discovered the 'Desperation Band'. I love them, I really do, that perfect passionate feeling of praise and worship, it really gets me lost in the moment...


It's THAT day of the year

Out XD

Missing the Feeling of...

....arrr... roll on the summer...


When nature calls

Ajma ajma. Just spent a couple o hours writing a bit of my physio essay. It's taking longer than I'd like to get done, but it's interesting enough and i'm actually learning from it. That actually extends to the whole of my course at the moment, not getting as much work done as i'd like (where do the hours go?) but i'm really enjoying it. Blamf.

After much deliberation due to the weather (don't give me that 'you're a pussy' stuff sim, the weather was awful on friday, and setting up in the dark would have taken aaaages), we did go camping after all. Met in Rabat bright an early at 8 on Sat morning and headed just outside Buskett for the day, night and following morning. Was lots of fun, spent most of our time cooking, eating, drinking beer (repeated these steps several times), climbing stuff and shooting stuff with mike's airgun. Big thanks to Jonni who's camping know-how proved invaluable and to Miggy for all the excellent food :D Cooki
ng and then eating pasta outside in the rain on Sat night was something i found particularly fun hehe. I'll def be up for it again :)

After a good wash and change of clothes went to watch National Treasure Sunday evening, the film was... well what you'd expect it to be, and the company was brilliant, even if Jen and Chris did start to sabotage my car when we stopped for petrol ;P

Damn it's cold all of a sudden
, been one of the few genuinely winter-ish days today. Looking forward to having a good weekend at Dubliner's at the moment, woo!

Edit: Simon's posted a video he made of the camping trip. It's pretty funny, though I still don't really know why i'm "The Posh"... Anyways thought i'd tell you about it, maybe he'll stop SPAMMING MY BLOG that way... XD


Jump on it

Why won't Blogger ever remember my username and password?! It's little annoying things like this that are responsible for upsetting people's days.... and killing penguins... not sure how but fairly certain it's true....

Community weekend was a blast, was a great experience and loads of fun. Though can't say i expected any less. I want photos guys!! :D

I've had a really looooong day. Woke up early, watched Al Murray on youtube in a lecture hall, wandered around Mater Dei looking for another lecture hall (which was HUGE, HUGE!!), went to another lecture all the way back at Uni, went to Mass, went to library, went to gym, hurr. I'm rather thoroughly knackered now, so of course i need to post something like this: