A blog in Time

Counting down the last few hours with the mo'. Can't say I'm going to miss it, but it feels like I've had it for ages and I think almost everyone's gotten used to it now. Enough of the lip hair.

I'm currently sitting in the chaplaincy office with Zoe and Mina. Winston and Andrew are selling doughnuts for some charitable cause. I already bought one earlier. I'm not going to buy another one. They tried to flog me one. I resisted. Woo.

And Mykel steps in. He's looking for the key for room 101. Mina and Zoe are eating doughnuts. Now I want one. Damn.

Christmas carols are playing on Vev's laptop and I can't begin to convey the tangible joy this gives me. I want to walk around some brightly-lit street/shopping mall with decorations and lame old christmas songs blaring out of randomly placed speakers, watching everyone go by wrapped up cause it's cold and raining out. This is what Christmas is all about. Well, not really, but it's a part of it, and to be honest probably the part I enjoy the most. There are other things, like waking up christmas morning and then going to meet your family. Then things like the Vigil and the great prayer that goes into it. When you look at it spiritually I find it to be really refreshing in a way. But those (important) things aside, it's this one little prelude to all that that I think I treasure the most.

Myke's making me tea. That's Christmas spirit for you. Wow Vev WANTS to make me tea. This is brilliant. I think I might just have another.