Yes, I am this bored

So, what does your average guy do when he doesn't feel like studying renal pathology like he should and the slow internet connection deprives him of his most beloved House? Ta Daa! I am now going to proceed to ramble on about various disjointed things... don't look down...

New Year's Resolution. Every year most people make one. Every year almost all of those people have broken it by January 2nd, and that's the few that make it that far. Last year my resolution was to try be more outgoing, especially with people I already know. You know how sometimes you'll pass by an acquaintance in the road and you're not sure whether to say hi or just keep walking and you end up in this whole inward awkward situation? No? Just me then... anyway this resolution usually ended up with me shouting people's names from across the road or uni quad among other places. Went overboard a little i think, but hey it was part of the fun. Point being, i did stick to it to a certain extent and this year I have a new one. Put simply and rather artistically, it's to replace fear with love. I got thinking over the last few months about how many things we do in life are motivated by fear... of embarassment, of consequences and who knows what else. Well I'm trying to put an end to that as much as i can. I know i can't completely eradicate it, but i want to do things cause i'm passionate about it or cause i want to help people, not because i'll feel guilty if i don't.... this is going to turn into a long blog, i can feel it.

Recently I've been thinking about all the things i want to do in life and have started to think that there may come a point when i actually won't be able to do them. I mean, finish university, start working, eventually (God willing) get married, settle down and then *BAM* you're meffed. You spent your youth hanging out with your friends and advancing your career and now you're an adult. You have responsibilities. Deal with it. Scary. Well, I want to try and take one year out of that whole shindig and do all my bucketlist of things. So what's on my bucket list?
  1. Go (back) to New Zealand and Australia and live there for a few months (note: the rest on the list will take place there or in the following places). 
  2. Get a job in some silly surf shack. 
  3. Go to Japan and America while I'm at it.
  4. Learn to surf. Do it a lot.
  5. Buy a vespa.
  6. Go skydiving and base jumping. Yes, with Simon.
  7. Go snowboarding.
  8. Go horse-riding across the NZ farmland.
  9. Learn to do the Hacka.
  10. Visit an old Japanese temple, sit under a cherry tree, buy underwear from a vending machine (you gotta love Japan).
  11. Go to Hillsong.
  12. Buy a didjeridoo.
I originally only had up to no. 7 but made up the others for good measure :)