I kill you!!

Hey guys, thanks for all the comments on the last blog. I've pretty much settled down now. After much talk and thinking i'm not going to make any rash decisions. I definately want to at least get to 3rd year and get some clinical experience. Anyway, i've been having ups and downs since this time last year and so far i'm still here. Whatever happens, it'll be alright. Thanks guys for your support though! :)

Weekend was pretty good, spent most of saturday hanging out with my dad. Saturday evening went to have a drink at Henry J Bean's with Dez, Sim, Angie and Sarah. Even though we were a few i really enjoyed myself, thanks guys for the fun :D. Sunday evening went to Dez's house to watch the outreach dvd. Congrats Sim, very good, even if i do laugh at my own jokes (LOSER!!).

I've become addicted to Avatar. Now when i first heard of this thing i thought it was stupid (it is, after all, a nick cartoon). But now that i've gotten into it, i feel like a kid again. It's great.

One last note, for those of you that haven't seen this yet:


Ah choices...

I read a few of my older blogs today, i can't believe that almost a year has passed since i set up this page... granted i spent half that time completely neglecting it, but you get the point. I really think i should start writing things of substance again...

Well, had a pretty good day at uni, i was in a good mood and lectures were ok. Had a rather bad existential crisis (as chris calls it) yesterday. During one of my lectures i was seriously comtemplating dropping out of medicine and doing graphic art instead. It really unnerved me, i came to think that maybe i'm staying in this course cause it's secure, kind of now once i'm in it, it's easy to just follow it through. Thing is i don't really know why or if i want to become a doctor. It's not something i've always wanted and my major reasons for going in for it were that i was good at my subjects and i wanted to help people. Thing is this job is a vocation, which means long hours and a lot of sacrifice, and if you don't like what you're doing then you definately wont last long. Yes there is the money, but that only comes in at a much later date if you manage to get a good speciality, and being able to, say, spend more time with my family (God willing) or advancing in music/worship is more important to me than loads of dough.

Art is something i've always loved. When i was young i was a good artist (for a 4 year old at least) and i loved stories. I'd spend ages watching and re-watching my collection of classic disney stories and things. I dunno, i identify with the arts, so a career in something art-related and self expressive sounds ideal. In any case, i mentioned what was going through my mind to Dan and he and Colin took me to the canteen to have a chat about careers and stuff. I really want to thank you guys, though i know you probably don't read this, but anyway. In any case i've kind of settled for now, i dont want to make any rash decisions, plus what i'm studying now does not in any way reflect the medical profession, this is just the compulsory rubbish. I'll wait at least until next year when i get some clinical experience to take my decision further. In the meantime i'm considering doing art A level next year, even if i don't go into graphics, having a qualification in something i love would be nice, and it might come in handy later on.

Wow, this is longer than i expected hehe. I'm procrastinating on studying if you haven't noticed, man i find head and neck complicated....

Got some other stuff on my mind, but i'll talk about that later on in the week *air of mystery*.

Damn i want a ps3....


I Dared

Been a while since my past blog, but i was mega busy last week, literally had one thing to do after another all week, most of this in preparation for the youth weekend:

It was a brilliant success, I really feel the group went much much deeper, and we all had a fantastic time while we were at it. I want to especially thank Dez and Sim for their help in setting up the backdrop, some of it was my idea but it would definately not have happened if it weren't for you two. Thanks for putting up with me :)

Because of all this mayhem (well partly bacause of it) i am quite severely behind in my studies, so, community permitting, i now need to go on a serious study binge. I took the day off and stayed at home today, figuring getting some rest and starting on some studying was better than going to a couple of lectures i'm not gonna take anything from anyway... This being said we have the Senglea healing service coming up in 2 weeks.... which means more work... meh, if God will bring you to it, He'll bring you through it.

ps. Assassin's creed comes out today ZOMG!?!


Silver linings

Been really busy lately, youth weekend coming up soon and it's taking up quite a lot of my time, between band rehearsals and getting organised for the backdrop (btw thanks dezzy for all your help and patience! Hopefully everything will work out well). That said, i'm really looking forward to it, i've got high hopes and higher expectations. We'll just have to wait and see...

Got loads of work piling up, looks like my christmas isn't going to be much fun at all, on top of that i've still got the 2 projects to get done... lovely. On the bright side, looks like the government has decided to raise our pay and offer us a postgrad course. This means i might not need to go abroad after all. Things are finally looking up :)

Got my cousin's halloween get-together tonight... more things on my agenda...