Art rant

Mornin'. Blogging so close to a previous entry isn't my usual thing, but I want to post something that I really like, though I think only Simon will really appreciate :P

Ian from three panel soul (and the late machall) recently did a pic for genericon. He's posted a video of him doing all the post-inking work on it. It's about 20 min long so unless you're really into this thing i think you'll lose interest fast. The fact that there's no commentary is a shame, would have learnt a lot more from it, but damn does it take a lot of work to make these things. This vid showed me, at least, how much artistic knowledge it takes, both in colour and light.

Though I think I've sussed out Ian's method to his style:
1. Keep designs simple and expressive
2. Have a good knowledge of colour (you'll need it for base colouring)
3. Go friggin nuts with the shading
4. Make final touches that I can't even conceive

Anyways, back to braincells for the day, got me last exam tomorrow morning, have no idea how it's going to go... weekend starts tomorrow though :D


Buttmonkeys I'm bored

Had an 'off' day today, I'm going to rant about it, because that's what you do when you have reached the end of an 'off' day.

Ok first of all, went to Mark's birthday meal last night at Hard Rock, was good fun. What was particularly amusing was watching a bunch of foreign guys dance at an empty koyote after. By their dancing it looked like they'd been snorting engine grease all day... And Mark, I don't want to imagine the hangover you had this morning ;P

Anyway, long story short, I got in at around 2 30 last night. At 7 45 this morning the bell rang... electricity meter guy.... of course I had to go open for him. After that I did the logical thing and went back to bed for 2 hours. When I got up at 10, the maid had arrived and the whole second floor looked like a warzone. I hate it when that happens. Do you ever wake up with that feeling that everything is severely messed up, especially since you can't take a piss in your own damn bathroom? Yeah, I had that today...

Went to gym with Mike, came home, had lunch. Then I started reading neuroscience... and well that is basically it. Meh. Been sitting here all day and the lack of anything interesting to do is knawing at my brain. Ok, time to stop being emo now.



I'd like to kick off by paying my respects to Heath Ledger, he really was a brilliant actor and it's a shame to have to lose him so early in his career. I know it's his performance that'll make his last film so spectacular. May he rest in peace.

It's a beautiful day outside, really feel like enjoying it. Had a great night last night, thanks to everyone who was there, was brilliant :D Also was really nice to go to the y4j mass, it's been a while since i went and you guys are doing a really good job. Keep growing and going deeper ;)

Main reason for today's blog is:

Click on it, bookmark it, visit it every single day. After so long the community website is finally up and running, and to be honest I'm very impressed with it, I never thought it'd be something of such high quality. Woo!

Been listening to a lot of snow patrol lately, in particular "Run" and "Chocolate". I really love their sound, some beautiful melodies.

Anyways, 2 'exams' next week then it's off to the community weekend. Really looking forward to it, eh guys? ;P


Edit: Ok so the link isn't working, whatever, just copy-paste, you know the drill. Hurr...

Bars and guitars

I want to talk about 2 things today:

Subject A
I've been actually going out for the past couple of weekends, which, as most of you know, is not normal for me (because everyone knows that paceville is nothing but evil and trickery. I'm sorry Dez, it is ;P). Now, I don't know if this sudden
urge to go out and meet people is a by-product of being single again, though it probably is, but I enjoyed myself. To be honest, i still hate paceville, but i have discovered somewhere I really love, Dubliner's. I went out there last Friday to have some drinks with the guys after community... nuff said about that.... and I went there on Saturday and found out my second cousin works there. This is funny, because i never knew of his existence before then. This friday I'm going to meet chris and some others there after the Healing Service. In short, I like this place, it is fun :D

Subject B
I've started studying for my exams last week and things aren't going too badly. I have the exam next Tuesday and while I don't exactly think i'm going to be impressing anyone, I'm not really bothered. Thing is, i've been getting a rather big creative streak recently. I swear, I can't put my guitar down. This i spose is a good thing... though it's coming at some expense of my study time as while reading i'll get up and go write something... and then play it for a while... and then look up a song on youtube... and repeat basically. I don't really know what I want to say with this... it's just... there. *shrugs*

Last note, I really want to watch this film.

Last note #2: Muffin!!


Everyone's doing it

Hey, short blog. Studies been going well, I skived pathology to go study in the library today, woo! Rebel nerdism is me!!

I think only former y4j-goers will understand what i'm on about, but if we ever play this song at community, everyone has to sing it like this:

David Crowder band... makes my heartbox fuzz....


Crunch time

Tonight is the last night of Christmas holidays... woo.... Now, in approximately 5 months I have to sit for my pre-med finals, and considering during the past 3 months i've done pretty close to 'jack all', this is not going to be a very 'laid back' period of time. Yeah... I don't know how this is going to reflect on the blogs, could go back to a random one once in a while, or they might just continue as they have, we'll see.

Though, from now until summer, I have resolved to do the following:
1. Study, a lot, and pass my finals...
2. Go to the gym, at least twice a week.
3. Make time, both with the guys and alone, to develop our music.

Whether or not i actual keep these up is, well... *shrugs*

Oh, by the way, big props to Rob for the concert on Thursday (though i doubt he'll ever read this imma nsomma). It was fantastic, really was. Congrats to Dez and Lu for the dancing, and to the y4j guys for helping out, was a really good night. Made me decide to go ahead and buy some in-ear monitors, they really should come in handy. Oh, and one day we will get to go to a studio and record an album, so help us God. I've always dreamed of it.

Last, but not least, Dru.... you're old now!! Ha!!!! Happy 20th Birthday dude ;P


"In your dreams"

I've been feeling really sociable lately, ever since Christmas. I don't consider my usual self as anti-social, but lately i've been wanting to go out more and going on msn and stuff when i'm at home.... maybe it's cause i've got more time on my hands...i really should study....

Went to Valletta with Mike, Van, Lu and Sar today. We wanted to do some shopping since the sales are on but well, it was packed. And everythin
g came in 2 sizes, large or XXXXXXXXXXXXXL... so i came home with one shirt. Ah well, it's a nice shirt XD

In other news, come drool with me...
Gibson Vegas high roller... you might not like the styling but if you want the tone in songs like "Best of you", you need one of these babies... and a baby it is...

Kudos to Kai for linking me up to tales of mere exitence, friggin great stuff: