An Itinerary: part 5

So here we are, the final entry in the big Germanic adventure. As I sit here it seems to have flown by, it's weird how much you can get used to a place in a month. But a month has indeed passed and now it's time to head back to the rock. Tomorrow I pack my bag and head out. Time here was great, but it's always a great feeling to head back home.

Learnt a lot over these past weeks, aside from the medical stuff. For one thing I got a little taste of what it means to live 'alone'. I realised how much i need to spend time alone now and then, just appreciating your own space and having the time to sit back and think about things. Even doing simple chores around the place can have a kind of meditative effect, I've really grown to love it. Most of all, being away gave me a little perspective on my relationships, just how much my friends and family mean to me. Well that and being able to order a subway sandwich without saying 'uhhh' every other second. Subway rules by the way. But yeah, I'm tired of the German now. It was nice before, now I just want people to know what the heck I'm trying to say XD

Anyhow, tonight we go out and party for the last time with the friends we've made here, and have my last few rounds of the awesomeness that is German beer. I swear, I don't think I can go back to cisk now... Tomorrow, trains and planes XD

Oh and lets not forget, 12 days to Soul Survivor... oooooo baby....


An Itinerary: part 4

I sit on the floor of Mike's flat while 'With everything" plays in the background. Weather's currently quiet, and as usual everything's quiet. Well, with the exception of the occassional raven cawing on top of the window. They seem to be Germany's substitute for cats. Spent the last couple of hours after lunch watching band of brothers since going down to Konstanz wasn't worth it as we've got work at 7:30... ah work...

Night shifts. It's a little weird waking up around 11 o clock in the morning, lazying around for most of the day and then going IN for work at 7 30 at night. We've got our last one this evening, I might actually kind of miss them, I think only cause Chris lets us off at around 2am since things get a little slow at that point. The hospital's really quiet, and work depends on how many patients come in. Last night was amusing to say the least, had one delirious patient in who kept talking to himself very loudly in German and kept getting up and wandering around the emergency department. Then spent a good 2 hours waiting for Chris to try and convince an old lady to stay in hospital cause she had a serious condition. She wasn't listening much, which is weird after she came in by herself. Eh, patients...

Lanf and Annie came over from last Thursday to Monday. Man I laughed so much. I've already forgotten just what it's like when you put a lot of Maltese people together in one place. Went to Zurich on saturday and that was awesome, it was really cold and raining and in my opinion only made the city look so much cooler. Went to an art gallery and got to see some Van Gogh, Picasso, Monet and a host of other ones I've never hear of. Funnily enough I enjoy looking at the modern art more than the work of antiquity. I can't say why, it just stands out more. Oh and I got my fill of starbucks, gotta love them cinnamon rolls XD

So today week we'll be back, I'm looking forward to it to be honest. The trip's been good fun but at this point we've done and seen everything there is to see and do. Just a weekend and a week left of work. Oh and we learned how to operate a washing machine.I'm semi-independant now, I just need to figure out how to iron...


An Itinerary: part 3

Sorry for the relative lack of updates, been busy doing not much at all to be honest. Here come ze bullets...

> Krissie's here :) She arrived yesterday after a crazy 10 hour train ride which had 5 connections. I admire her bravery, I'd definately be lost in Poland right now if i were in her place. We spent the day down in Konstanz yesterday, didn't do much except go from lunch to coffee to mass and then back to the apartment to watch a dvd. It's kind of cool now cause we know where all the really good cafe's and coffee shops are. And the coffee shops are amazing - the atmosphere, the food, everything. Really wish we had places like these back home. Mass was in German again, but this time they had a 5 piece choir which was amazing. I mean it. It was like something from the soundtrack of Gladiator or Kingdom of Heaven. Absolutely brilliant XD

> Haven't been doing much since chris is away except going round to eat at different places and browsing the shops. I've bought three jackets in 2 days XD I know it's a bit excessive, but i have a thing for jackets. The weather's been crazy. It rained practically all day yesterday and today it was pretty hot and sunny. I got to wear shorts (havent done that since the day we arrived). Got work this week from wednesday to friday. Lanf and Analise come up on thursday, looking forward to that XD Shame kris leaves us tomorrow to go be with her mom and sis. X'taghmel :P

Not much else to say, sorry for the lack of emails to those who have been sending me. I'll try reply at some point :) Been spending a lot of time reading my book. The good thing about being here is that i get to have a good deal of time alone should i choose to. That said i spend most of the time out or with mike but as for quiet times, just sitting in me really comfy chair reading, or really just thinking about things, it's great.

And i want to have sloping ceilings back home, they're the shizzle.


An Itinerary: part 2


First off, internet connection here is hard to come by - no wifi (or land lines for that matter) in our apartments. We should be able to use the computers at hospital now and again once we start work on monday. Mike might buy an internet key, issa naraw. Insomma, updates!

> Zurich. Now that's an airport. I don't know how we actually managed to get into Singen, buying train tickets when you don't know exactly where you're going is hard, and catching trains while lugging around 30Kgs is... tiring :) Somehow we made it.

> German trains, Mike keeps being amazed at how precise they are with the times, it really is quite amazing.

> Spent the last two days going around and buying food, drinking beer (german beer, nuff said) and doing a buttload of walking. We've both got blisters. I think I'm going to come back with calf muscles the size of an actual calf. Oh and we're right on the border of switzerland so the chocolate... yeah...

> Slept over at fonsu's last night after an evening of family guy (oh the death of my brain cells) and lots of time splitters on the wii. Yup, still nerds. Very nice place though and it's really quiet.

>Mass in german. The longest Our Father. Ever.

Somms, I'm off cause the other two are getting impatient. We're off to go see some island on the lake or something and grab some lunch. Will try uploading some videos or something if connection and time permit.

Oh and I've discovered I hate making small talk. Really do.


An Itinerary: part 1

It is currently 9:41 and while "slow dancing in a burning room" plays on youtube for the lostcount-eenth time, I check last minute internet things before I go off to take things out of my suitcase, walk around a lot and then put them back in, all the while mumbling about how I'm definately not going to have enough stuff. I just learned apparantly it's hot there and that I should take a beach towel... my suitcase needs an extension... preferably one bigger than the suitcase itself...

I have also just learned that there's no internet in our rooms... to quote chris, "can't you guys go 4 weeks without porn?". Yes, this is the person who'll be overseeing us over the next 4 weeks. Quite. XD Somms, cause of this I don't know how often the blogging/emailing is going to occur, I have no real idea what the area we're staying in is going to be like - it could be a quiant little town area or practically the middle of nowhere. In any case, I hope I'll be able to find access either in the hospital itself or maybe in some cafe nearby.

Mike and I have decided we should randomly just go on a european adventure, just not turn up for wards and leave a not saying "gone to Italy, be back soon". That said I don't know if we're even going to find our way out of Zurich. Neither of us have ever gone abroad alone before and we have to catch about 3 train connections before the day is ended. And everything's in German. I'll take videos, promise XD



Breathe in, breathe out
Tell me all of your doubts
And everybody bleeds this way
Just the same

Breathe in, breathe out
Move on and break down
If everyone goes away
I will stay