Sea of Orange

Ahhhhh, exams finally OVER!! woo!!

Had anatomy practical yesterday, went pretty well, rather pleased with it. Spent most of the day at the beach at ghajn tufffieha, chilling out, watching the sun set, and then going to grab a pizza. Very plain and relaxed evening, it was all i wanted.

Mark's bbq tonight, i just want to enjoy not having to study anything for the present. Bring on the summer! :D

ps. these films look rather cool. Check out ze trailers, optimus prime is sexeh!


Anatomy of Life

The door's open and it's cold out... brr....

Hurr studying is boooorrrring hurr. Really tired of reading this crap, i means it.

Had a pretty good night last night (thanks Mig, i know we stayed a wee bit late). Staying in just about all day to study, as i will be till wednesday.... eventful innit...

Oh and sas, i'm watching you, you 'ear me?! I'm onto you and yar sneaky ways :P