I so liked Spring

"I so liked Spring last year
Because you were here;-
The thrushes too-
Because it was these you so liked to hear-
I so liked you.

This year's a different thing,-
I'll not think of you.
But I'll like Spring because it is simply Spring
As the thrushes do."

Charlotte Mew


On Time Spent at the Library

*click, clack... Click, clack clack*

*'How are you on Tuesdays?' 'Tuesdays and Wednesdays forget it I'm full all day' 'Illallu my time table really sucks, we're never going to be able to....'*

*Shift position in chair*

*thud thud thud thud Thud Thud THUD Thud Thud thud thud thud*

*Check the time*


*Leaf through pages. Go back to current page*

*'Hahaha!' *sniff* *

*Amusing ring tone*

*Check phone for messages*

*Shift position in chair*