Return of the fuzz

Mah, I blog, I blog!

I see my presence has been sorely missed. I can make excuses for the reason i have not given tidings, but i think the truth is the best option. I am damn lazy. I've had many chances to blog. I never bothered. There you have it.

So what have i been doing over the past month or so? I have largely gone into social reclusion (as i believe i mentioned in one of my last blogs), at home, trying to cram a year's worth of knowledge into my brain. Tuesday i had my physiology paper and today i had biochem. Overall i think, i think i might have actually passed! Woo! This just leaves anatomy next wednesday and the wednesday after that... after which it's sweet sweet summer..... ahhhhh i cannot begin to tell you how much i've been dreaming of that these few weeks locked inside reading books and notes for 8 hours a day.... not fun. I've resolved to go swimming on the 13th (last day). Mig finishes his then too so we're all heading to the beach...... Ahhh SUMMER!! (well for a week or so, after which i slowly start studying again but aaaaanyway...).

Ah yes, had ma birthday last month for those of ye who care to know. My last year as a teen... the thought is very scary indeed... thanks for those of you who made it a little more special hehe i didnt expect the card, especially during the film (you know who you are). And thanks Lu for a great night ;) This year i got some really cool presents for once though. Got me new really good cd's and final fantasy 12 and metal gear digital graphic novel. I know i'm geeking out here but most of you have been hearing me rant on about how much i've been wanting those. Thanks dad hehe.

What else, what else, what else.... not much really. I'm reading the Sword and the Scimitar, brilliant book, i recommend muchly. Oh and apparantly black + emo + eric from that 70's show = spiderman 3....

Last things of note, assassin's creed and team fortress 2, brilliant.


Yeah, I'm lazy

Sarah said...
Sim ... I know I am not the most frequent blogger ever, but honestly... I think Matthew has past even me now. What do you think we should do about it... it's getting serious now.
3:24 PM
Chris said...
I say we phone him and shout at him until he blogs.
1:23 AM
Dezz said...
I say we camp outside his house till he blogs up...any better ideas?? ;)Dezz =)
3:16 AM
Allan said...
I say we catch his chest hair on fire.
1:18 PM
Chris said...
Are you mad, man? Setting Urpani's chest hair on fire could very well combust all of Malta.
4:02 PM
Marquita said...
Matthew is an MD student with NOTHING to blog right now...take my word for it... ;) Then again, if you camp outside his house and use his chest hair as camp fire fuel, I think that MIGHT just give Matt something to blog about. =/
8:41 PM
Chris said...
Psh, I'm an MD student with nothing to blog about right now either. And there's always something to blog about.Stuck inside studying? Blog about how crap the exams are!
11:34 PM
Simon said...
i say we camp outside his house, and catch his chest on fire, although there is something missing...his car...we gotta do something to his car...i say we get dezz to paint pretty flowers on it
5:32 PM
Sarah said...
I agree... let's do it!! :) OK so now the question is when and how. We have to make sure we keep it all secret so try not to do anything which will make it public like put it on the net or something... Plans people plans... and we can go ahead with it! :)
6:56 PM
Chris said...
We do it when he finishes exams!Then we demand a full recap of what he's done in the past 4 months or his beautiful car gets covered in glue and his chest hair (which we'd shaved off the day before).
7:19 PM
MD said...
Erm...plan 1...don't blog your ideas maybe ... ;)
12:16 PM
Chris said...
He doesn't read this, that's the point.

Yeah, I have lovely friends.... Will blog either later in the day or tomorrow, promise. In the meantime must study for biochem tomorrow. Wahhh!