In Waves

It starts with the gentle plucking, a regular melody that catches your ear and leaves you wanting. The voice appears and ushers in an identity and a meaning, a notion of an experience.
Then the keys fill out the lower ends just as the chorus rolls in and the depth appears just as you catch a glimpse of the soul, the fleeting outskirts of the emotion.
The rhythm sets down as the beat kicks in, the sharp contrast and vibrance of the second verse pulling you down from the pause of the refrain. Now your foot starts tapping and you start to sway. Now the words start to speak to you.
The high end notes gently dropped off just before you're lifted into the chorus again, the words melting into one another, filling your head and rolling out of your own mouth as they become yours. The guitar building and building on the base. Your need to move something from within moving in parallel with it. Just as the words merge the music sprouts alone, breaking for a moment from the lyrics, setting the pace, setting apart.
And then lifts the bridge, the words gently laying down the soul of the song, the meaning of the emotion, a gentle change in the melody line, a song that becomes a voice. An emotion that becomes a moment.
As it rounds back into the chorus for a final time, everything slowly slips over one another and fades ever so gently, until there is nothing left but silence and the memory of a moment.


New horizons

Freedom is HERE!!

After weeks of cramming and room 101-ing, summer is finally here. And in typical summer style, except for sleeping, I think i've been home for a total of about 3 hours in the past 2 days XD

This week is near-to-insanely busy... exiles, meetings, intercession, jamming, party, posters to design, masses to animate... arr arr! It's a good kind of busy though, always better than having nothing to do.

It's currently 8:17 am (at the point of writing this, obviously) and I'm sat here with "Freedom is here" playing rather loudly and thinking about how I'm going to restring my PRS without the aid of a tuner... not sure how that's going to get done so I'm probably going to have to ask mike if I can use his at our jam session today (my current strings are just way too rusted to be played).

Not to parallel Ache's post, but I bought new shoes yesterday (along with a pair of jeans and a top - gotta love diesel warehouse sales). They're converse high-top style Levi's. And they're red. Kris, you would be proud XD

I'm starting to get rather excited about all the things that are going on/are going to go on this summer. Besides the two trips abroad (I'm trying to sort out a way to vlog the germany adventure, we'll see about it though..) there's a lot of playing to be done with a lot of different people, that's gonna be awesome. There's the stuff we've got planned for Youthful Worship. Lately it had just become a bit of a burden, but now with the weight of Uni temporarily subsiding, we can focus on it again. Now I'm eager to go all out for God again, and just go, do, give, see, hear, and be.

Speaking of which, I need to strive further to running this race to which we have been called. Ever felt like at some point in your relationship you slipped back ever so slightly cause of everything else going on and always meant to go back, go deeper, look beyond, but then got caught up? And then got complacent? And then got comfortable? Ever made a promise to change the way you're living and give more of yourself for others, even total strangers, and then things just went back to the way they were? This summer I want to awake again. I want to encounter God again. I want to help those I have the grace to help, and be there for the ones I can't. I want to mean what I sing when I go down to our meetings. I want to be broken. I want to surrender. I want to tear down the walls.

But all I can do is talk, which alone are empty words.

Lord, break us. Bring us to our knees. Break the foundations of our comfortable world. Change this heart, this mind, this soul. Make these hands and feet Yours, and take whatever we have, whatever You've given us, and use it for your Kingdom. Cause it's You that's saving the world. You save. You heal. You teach. You lead. You change. We speak, but our words are empty. But your words are life. You do. Tear down these walls, O God.


Smells like vintage

Moses supposes his toeses are roses but khalilah knows just how to cook the meat. I'll forever think of both those songs now whenever 101 is mentioned XD

One exam left to go. How terribly exciting. It actually really isn't... ever since half of everyone started their holidays a little over a week ago I basically started it with them... which probably isn't for the best... pathology paper yesterday is proof of that. You know how there are people who always come out of an exam and say things like "illallu i got this section all wrong" or "uff i think i failed for sure" and all this and then they get 80's and over. There are people in my course are like that. I used to be like that. Thing is, I'm not anymore. These days I come out of an exam and if someone asks me how I went my very honest answer is "I have absolutely no frackin idea". It's kind of surreal really (albeit in a very nerdy way) :) Still, it's fun seeing people's bemusement when you turn up for exams with a tan and in swimming trunks and a big smile on your face XD

Sommies, the last week has been rather fun. Went to the beach on friday with Lanf and we both got really sunburnt. Because of this i've developed a very close relationship with my new spray sunblock. Yesterday, ahhh exiless. Playing werewolf for half the day was rather fun... and Elaine I'm sorry I sacrficed us, morals were too strong... my heart will go on, promise :P

Watched Nick and Nora's infinite playlist at mike's house with krissie in between the afternoon and evening beach sessions yesterday. It was a strange yet enjoyable film. What I really liked about it is that it was, for the most part, realistic. There's no suave talk or perfectly timed co-incidences, but rather an abundance of awkward silences, lame jokes, and people constantly having to use their mobile phones to find where other people are. This doesn't make the film as picturesque as most others, but it made it much more realistic in my opinion, and I liked that. Never mind that I think most of my friends and I fit into the sub-culture type portrayed there... and the film's centered around the music scene... and there's a scene in a recording studio... and a vintage fender... XD

Roll on Summer

> Pharma was... not nice. I never like going to exams with only last minute preparation. Might have passed, might not have.

> My Jack Johnson cd's finally arrived, and thanks to Krissie I've now got All Across The Earth too (which is amazing). I'm so oversaturated with new music, it's budaful XD

> Been at chap almost all day all week. Internet getting rather neglected.. summer routine starting i spose :)

> I bought a phone yesterday. I just got fed up with my old one. She served me well for 3 years, and still was doing so yesterday insomma (except for when i tried to write a message and twice it cancelled it instead of inserting a space). I was in the mood. Also apparantly Malcolm LOVES mobile shopping, he's somewhat of an expert. How could I refuse?

> Went to watch Terminator Salvation last night with Mike, Luca, Sara, Ache and Mina. The film was rather disappointing. Well I mean it's terminator, go figure. I think i built a hype around it cause of Christian Bale, no Arnie, no time travel, and the climax of the story. I actually think the filmography was really good (much better then the other ones anyway) but the plot was shallow. Not all that much happens and almost all that does is given away in the trailer. Shame.

> Medicine exam tomorrow. Meh. Got into that mid-exam period where you just really can't be bothered to study much anymore. Heq.