Alive, alive, alive forevermore

Hey kids, yeah, wow huh? 

I don't really intend to keep this up... and seeing as when I do intend to I don't... so not much hope is there? Anyway, I'm humoring Simon with this meme thing... here goes...

Matt needs to not play every little blog meme that comes along... (I'm not even kidding)
Matt looks like the Hulk pictures from skateboarding photos (shrug)
Matt says 'where the hell is Matt' (...)
Matt wants to sleep with Chelsia (I swear I don't know anyone named Chelsia but there's a youtube vid if you're interested)
Matt does silly stuff (hurrah!)
Matt hates cold weather (not so much)
Matt asks Lita to marry him (....what is it with the women?...)
Matt likes pulp in his orange juice (if it's tropicana I do actually..)
Matt eats John's Balls Jr.'s sportswriter profile (erm...)
Matt wears shorts during Suzuki Sx4
Matt was arrested for excessive speeding
Matt loves to ride the pole!

Ok.... sooo......