Bugger and rain and lies and trickery and deceit!! DECEIT!! Hello.

Bah, this blog is largely going to be a big rant, i'm in a ranting mood. The weather today is awful, really horrible, i dont know why this vexes me so much, but it's as if it does it to spite me. Meh. Woke up at 6 30 today (yep, one of those days) to go for one lecture at 8... lasted half an hour... was it worth it? Probably not, but i figured if i stayed in i probably wouldnt do anything more productive with my time. Right now i'm staaarving, will go eat in a mo. Sposed to study all afternoon, then got a football game tonight with the guys at Valletta (sport!! *gasp and horror*!!). Should be fun, if only the weather would clear up....meh....

Today i woke up with a recurring feeling i seem to be having this week: that something is terribly wrong with the world, but you cant put your finger on it. Of course, logically, sane people come to the conclusion that the answer lies within themselves (the others get taken away before they declare war on the local supermarket). What this 'wrongness' is i do not know, however it's causing me to roam about muttering to myself like keanu reeves. Bear in mind i'm talking about something that lasts for roughly 15 minutes after i wake up.... people who have seen me in this state know that whatever i say will probably be complete bollocks and, in any case, can only be understood by north american grizzly bears... what am i on about?


Yatta Yatta Yatta

Yes, rumours are true, i am in fact alive. I won't make excuses, i've had a million chances to update. Just haven't been bothered. That's commitment for ya hehe.

Yeah well, as usual, i don't have much to say. I've got ballu tonight and to tell the honest truth, i am not looking forward to it, at all really. No specific thing that's making me not like it, i'm just not in the mood. Meh, we'll probably nip off and go explore Zurrieq after a couple of hours anyway. That might be kinda cool :) Actually i'm in the mood for Mdina....

Um, me and Lu (my ex-ex-girlfriend) are back together after a 2 month break, just for those who didnt know.... yeah... :D

What else what else what else.... 300!! OMGHAXROFLLOL!!111!!one!!KOPTER!1! I cannot contrive words to describe the beauty. It's like pure funnelled man-joy, only in a complete hetersexual context. But really, it was exactly what i wanted it to be, brilliant!

Ah yes, academic update hehe. Good News: I am pretty much, at this point in time, convinced i want to pursue this medical career (after going back and forth in my mind for the past few months). Actually i started studying a little seriously (emphasis on 'little') during these holidays and i am actually interested in my subject matter again, i'm tempted to say i am motivated *gasp*! Bad News: I have 6 weeks to learn roughly 3/4's of my syllabus in order to hopefully pass my exams. As you might imagine, this is not nice, so people if i happen to go into social reclusion for a while, just bear with me please, i dont want to have to resit in summer. Thankee-sai.

Oh, and i love these guys.


Friends + Cars = Fun

What a weekend!! I haven't had as much fun in quite a while hehe. Here's the rundown...

Friday, began as a normal day. Happily hanging out with Chris and Claire at the Uni canteen, playing worms (suicide ninja man!!). Well, Claire and i had already decided we werent going to go to the histology practical at 3.30, couldnt be bothered, fair enough. Then Simon and Des came over to the canteen, still roughly normal. Then since Chris was too enthusiasticly playing worms, we were late for our histology lecture... we could probably still have gone in, but hey, the door was all closed and stuff, plus we didnt feel like being killed by Dr Ali. So i was off to watch Des have her runthrough at Temi Zammit hall. After that.... well.... me, Sim, Des, nice day, car.... what to dooo..... Yup, called up Lu, picked her up, went for a drive down to St Julians and ended up having lunch at baystreet. I really do love those random car trips :D

Saturday! Woke up nice and early and was off to Joe's house to rehearse for the Good Friday function at community. After that went to pick up Lu again and we were off to have us a treasure hunt. If you have never had an experience of a treasure hunt i can tell you it's ruddy brilliant. Lu, Ian D., Mike, Luca, and myself, in my car driving around Ta Xbiex, Birgu and Senglea looking for whatever it is Ian's parents could think of writing on the instruction sheet. The weather was beautiful and many many many laughs (Unitatae Fortior!! HSBC!!! lol) were shared. We ended up coming second, and we gave our prize to Mig hehe. After that went to grab something to eat from Santa Lucia and then we had a relaxed night at Mark's house watching Farce of the Penguins. Gravy.

Sunday. Here I overlap a bit with Simon's blog. I spent most of the day inside trying to study. At 6 30 i leave to go over to Lu's house to go up with them for the filming. Filming and discussion was good. It was at the Fortizza wine bar place thingy in Xemxija, and it's a really nice place. All rustic/modern decor, but it works. Hehe. After waiting around for filming to finish Mike, Sim, Lu and myself went off in Mike's car, and later joined by Des and Van, spent till 4am in the car eating pizza and drinking beer and wine at exiles (read sim's blog for details). I love you guys!! ;)

All in all, a great weekend.