Roll on the 8

I went to watch The Golden Compass yesterday... Now, I am not going to make any relevance to religious issues, or even to the books for that matter, but to give my opinion on it as a film, well.... it was pretty bad. For one thing, the story isn't interesting, you don't really want to know what happens next. This is basically because it looks like they tried to cram in a lot of story into 2 hours, so everything moves really fast. You have new charatcers coming in every 15 minutes and you never get any insight into any of them at all. Except for one that is, the girl, and you know what? She's a brat. I mean it, watch it and tell one thing about her that's likeable, cause all she did was bug my ass. The one thing i liked about the story was the idea of the demons (however he spells it), that was interesting, but nowhere near enough to save the film. My first film critique, woo!

After the film I went out to eat with Claire, Osama, Carol, Frenchie, Sarah and Daniel. Was my first time eating Indian, and I really liked it. Big thanks to Osama and Carol for organizing it, even though i know you didn't get the turnout that you wanted. Oh and props to Claire for her parking skillz ;P

I've recently joined facebook.... which goes to say i've been pillaged by a bunch of insane applications.... d'oh!

Happy New Year's to everyone!! Here's my last sentiment from 2007:


Is that the time?

Ever had one of those days where it just feels like everything is messed up? Yeah.... I'm a little sick at the moment, which isn't that bad, except for when i go to bed - my sinuses, nose and mouth become clogged with a river of mucus which leaves me unable to breathe, and more importantly, unable to sleep.... for two and a half hours... hurr.... now i'm woken up this morning by my mom, the weather looks like it died and they're still going on with construction next door.... hurr....

Ah yeah, Christmas right... well i did enjoy myself this year, presents weren't too shabby, spent the whole day at my uncle's farmhouse in Dingli and then went out with the others in the evening. Not a bad day overall :)

Ok at this point in time the blog is going to go into a long rant about my life, if you can't be bothered to read about one guy moaning about how indecisive he is, skip down to the last paragraph, do ya kennit?

Went over to Simon's yesterday to watch the pixar shorts dvd and ratatouille (i think i spelt that right...). Had a good time, sim you always manage to make me not work in the best of ways :P During this visit i got all blah about what i want to do with my life (yes, again). My previous resolution still stands but i saw some insight into what exactly is attracting me away from medicine - imagination. Thing is, medicine is great, but there's not exactly a lot of room for self expression (nor do i think there really should be, the images i get in my head when i try to think about it are just plain wrong), and this is the one thing that i've always had and i've always been rather good at. The things i have loved all my life - art, books, films, games, they all have one thing in common, and thats a story, a plot, or at least a way to imagine and explore something... to make something thats just in your head real.

I used to be able to incorporate that a little into science cause i was able to picture all the information and structures they used to give us (yeah i know it sounds like i'm entering the geek zone, but it's true and it used to work)... but
with medicine i'm coming more and more to realise that it's not about creating, but usually more about analysing... and those who know me would probably say i suck at that... i don't really know, this is just what i think, but it seems to clarify this feeling i've always had... A lot of people have tried to help me out by suggesting that i merge the two - medicine and art - but i really have no inclination to do so, it's just that medicine does not interest me in that context.

The reason i chose medicine is cause it enabled me to give something, to help people with what i do. When i was younger all i was concerned
about was not having a mundane and useless job. I just assumed that i would like medicine cause i liked biology and i have no problems with blood or internal organs (well, except eating them.... people do that....). And now, well i wouldn't say i hate it, but i don't exactly have a passion for it either. I know that we don't taste anything about what real medicine is until next year, which is the main reason why i'm still where i am, but still the idea gets at me. This isn't something i can slug through for a couple of years, this is potentially the rest of my life.

With art/writing/whatever it's kind of the oth
er way around. It's something that i love doing, and something that i think i'd really be good at, but i don't really know exactly what it is i want to do (though i think i'd get a good idea if i took the plunge and went for it). More importantly i don't know what i'd be able to give to others with it. I don't know if i need this factor in an occupation or not, but i'd like to think i'd be giving something to people by what i do, and i don't really know what that would be in this case.... hurrr.... if you are reading this, congradulations, you are a dedicated reader, you earn a star.

Bah, more reflections to come in future, in the meantime i really should do some work... getting really bad now..... if i don't update again, which is likely, HAPPY NEW YEARS!!! (though on the actual night it'll probably sound like HAAAEEEYYYY NUUU NAAAAAARRRRSSHHHH from most of you :P).

One last note, got bored last week and decided to use my graphics tablet a bit, nothing special, just a straight sketch. Used just pencil and the 'undo' function XD


Tis the season

Hey, not much has been going on recently so i haven't bothered updating...

Well except for the fact that i gots me a PS3 for christmas... and assassin's creed... it really is just as lovely as you would expect :P

Going out tonight for once in... i can't be bothered to remember. Looking forward to it, i'm in the mood for a few drinks and some good company hehe. I'm posting two songs down here that mike's drummed into my head, really really good stuff, inspires me to getting down to work, if you catch my drift...

Have a very merry Christmas :)


I eats all the flowers

Yeah, long time no blog, i know. Story of my life :P

Well one major thing happened since my last blog, which is that my long time girlfriend and I broke up. Not gonna talk about it, just wanted to put it out there... yeah... What I will mention is how weird it feels to be single again after all this time. The only real effect it's had so far is a binge on avatar (which i have now finished, dammit. When is episode 12 coming out??!) and cravings for a ps3. In short, I am 12 years old again... But seriously, it takes some getting used to. Though it showed me that i have very good friends, love you guys :)

Been very busy lately, what with the healing service and all, went really really well though, praise God, so it was worth it. I've got what basically looks like a free week this week, and i'm using it to catch up on work. Yeah, things aren't being very interesting for me at the moment...

Just one thing i wanted to mention, Anabelle got me "United: All of the Above", i still need to pick it up, but it sounds like a fantastic album (me thinks). Atop this here blog is the link to the album fansite, check it out and launch the ecard. Besides the songs you can see some videos about the album, the tour and the I Heart Revolution. It really captures the feeling of a revival that i've personally been longing for, both within myself and as a group. I'm not sure if you can get what I'm saying, it's a bit fuzzy in my head too, but let's say i'm going deeper into finding my own identity. I'll leave it at that :)

Oh, and of course, there's this...