Excuses and Lines

I've neglected the blog for months. No excuses, things just took priority in life. That said, it'll get more attention come October I expect.

A friend asked me to write a little thing for him to help with his MA final project. The subject was the various social/religious/sexual/physical lines and barriers that exist and what happens when we cross them. He suggested I share it here, so here it is.

They say there is a fine line between love and hate.

To cross it is to go beyond a boundary held in the highest regard with friends and family.
To cross it is to abuse of a power freely given.
To cross it is to betray trust.
To cross it is a horrible thing.

But it is a line which can be crossed in more than one direction.
And to cross it back again is called repentance.
It is called forgiveness.
And it takes love to cross back.
It necessitates the action of the one who has not crossed the line, as well as the one who has.
If one cannot cross back, well, then there is no love.

It is a curious thing that one needs love to arrive to love.
But if love is real, then it will be. It will endure.
If love is real, perhaps that line cannot be crossed indefinitely.
If love is real, perhaps that line does not exist at all.


MINA said...

this is great, seriously. well done.

nessa said...

:') really amazing matt